Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 2 of Nanny Time

My messy nest
Back in working order

Christmas room after, everything is inventoried and stacked neatly in the corner. Not sure where I stored the photo's of the before shot but trust me it was a big old mess.

I'm on day 2 of my Nanny time off, little by little I am whittling down the list that takes a full sheet on a legal pad, stupid crazy list! Yesterday I tackled the scrap/sewing room along with lots of small been putting off projects. I did a quick check on quilt kits (I make up my own) I have a grand total of nine kits ready for some TLC. Also a pile of fabric that will eventually be "Project Linus" quilts over the winter The quilt kits are for next years Birthday gifts for our big girls, a couple of quilts for some friends and 2 that I hope will be ALL MINE!! I also checked my scrapbook stash and realized I need some supplies to make a gift as well as 2 custom orders. I gave up my CTMH business back in the summer so I ordered from a sister consultant, can't wait to get my hot little hands on the new stuff. I haven't bought any scrapbook supplies in so long I can't even remember, I'm thinking 8 months or longer. I have added Jennifer's blog to my blog list if any of you are interested in CTMH products. I know I still have some customers that like to place orders now and then. The rest of the day was spent working on Christmas stockings for the little girls while enjoying some college football. :( can't believe Bamma lost.

Today I finished up in the Christmas room, what a mess. Did inventory on what we have on hand and questioned my sweet husbands sanity, once I dug into the bags of Christmas gifts he brought home last trip. I did a little on line shopping this AM and made a list of what I know we need to purchase, still waiting on our big kids wish lists, they are on notice they better get one to me soon or they are SOL. Hubby will be in town next weekend I get him for most of the day Sunday so we can knock out a little Christmas shopping together. He can no longer Christmas shop without an escort!!!!

Sunday dinner tonight will be out to eat. Daughter #2 boy friends Birthday was Halloween, since he lives out of town we had to wait until this weekend to celebrate. I'm throwing the budget out the window and letting someone else do the work. Then it's back home to work on another pile or two of stuff before I hit the uncomfortable chair to work on Christmas stockings. I WILL finish the little girls stockings this year. I am gonna have to figure out some sort of prize for myself when it comes time to do the bead and sequin work, I so hate that part!!!! "Baby Bubba" may or may not get his stocking this year. I was smart and bought a pretty simple kit for his, after looking at it yesterday it seems familiar. I'm thinking it might be a repeat of one we have for one of the big boys, please don't let it be so Joe!!

Off to get dressed for dinner, my girls frown upon my Nanny wear, gotta take it up a notch so the babies have something nice to wipe there drool and runny noses on.


  1. Wow!! You did an awesome job on your craft room! :) Good stuff!! I got a custom order done today too... Now need to edit some photos tonight from a photo shoot & start something else! I can't wait to see your stockings!! I want to make stockings for my kids but don't knw that I'll have time... :(

  2. Stockings take FOREVER, but are oh so cute! I hope to get back on top of the 101 things I have going around here, having the craft room cleaned back up should help