Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why is my list growing??? grrrr

Hubby is once again rebuilding his helicopter, while I worked on some sewing projects. See how close we were working, we may survive re-entry after all!
Tyler is adamant we have no pie for Thanksgiving, he calls each day to check on Thanksgiving dinner progress, so funny
Tyler needed/wanted a new handsome shirt for Thanksgiving this year, we couldn't find a thing for little boys who are the size of a 9 year old, so Nanny worked this into the to do list today.
$5.00 Wally world shirt has been transformed into something appropriate for a 5 year old fella who loves holidays
No matter how hard I try I can't get to the end of my to do list. Every day (sometimes each hour) something new lands on the list. Lots of deep breaths and rearranging things to get it all in. As we sit watching Alton Browns Thanksgiving special tonight we are both wondering who will fall asleep first, I think he is sure to go first!
We worked in some Christmas shopping Saturday and Sunday. We have finished doing Daughter #1 shopping for her. She is so larger with "Baby Bubba" we want her to stay off her feet as much as possible, having a 5 year old and 1 year old to keep up with as well as a full time job it's not easy to work in any down time!! She will come over and spend some time doing her wrapping and her Christmas to do's will be done. The whole family will get together the Friday after Thanksgiving to help them get the house and yard decorated. "Baby Bubba" will arrived only 3 days later, we hope having everything done around their home will give them some down time to enjoy baby #3.
Hubby and I got a good dent made on our own shopping, I'm thinking an additional day should do it. SOOOO hope to have it all in the house before turkey day, then its on to the wrapping. I think we will stay under budget, however our budget is pretty large compared to what seems to be the norm of $500.00. If I left it up to hubby there would be no budget at all, he goes crazy at Christmas. So whats the budget you might ask....if we can keep it under $500.00 per adult child (son-in-laws included) I would be a happy camper, but it's a struggle to keep it that low. I know that might seem an extravagant amount to spend but compared to the past its much more frugal (blush) and its a cash only deal in our house so no pile of bills will hit the mail box in January. The grands receive one gift each from us and a Christmas ornament in their stockings at our home. Everything else is home made (lots more to do)
The other budget rump kicker for us is all son-in-laws Birthday's fall over the holiday's, Son-in-law #1 BD is December 23rd, Son-in-law #2 BD is November 23rd, special boy friend's BD is October 31st. Can our girls pickem or not!!
Off to bed to work up the new revised list for tomorrow, I'm gonna whip this deal no matter what

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