Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre Thanksgiving Cooking

Home made pie shells are over rated, mine never look nice
This one turned out a little nicer

Chocolate layer desert with dark chocolate leaves

Tyler's cupcakes

The tables are set, just need to move in more chairs

14 hours in the kitchen doing pre Thanksgiving day cooking seems a bit much to me. From the looks of these photo's all I did today was to make deserts. Not so!! Below is my list of accomplishments for the day, now it's off to bed. Gotta get the turkey in to roast early in the AM along with a ham that needs to bake, still have rolls and a few more sides to knock out before the crowd piles in.

Cornbread dressing - Finished

Bread/sausage dressing - Finished

Sweet Potato casserole - complete (taters from our garden)

6 pints of vanilla bean ice cream - in the freezer

3 pints mint chocolate chip ice cream - in the freezer (Tyler's favorite)
Chocolate pie - check

Pumpkin Pie - check

Chocolate layer desert - can't wait to dig in

Pumpkin cupcakes - finally done!

Turkey- soaking in homemade brine

Ham - ready to bake in the AM

Have a blessed Thanksgiving


  1. Yum!! Have a blessed Thansgiving & eat a slice of pie for me, please!! :)

  2. Will do Carla, may even have 2 slices. Wondering if you could eat anything we are having other than the meat and veggies?