Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Blog Candy

How would you like a Linen Tea Towel
Maybe a Fall Apron

Close up of the apron

Or an assortment of sweater pumpkins, 1 large and 2 small

Get your name in the hat for any of the three prizes above as a thank you from me for making a donation of any sort or for any amount of $$ to our Veterans today. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail to share in what way you decided to honor our fighting men and women, no need to tell the amount you donated!! I will do the drawing on Monday of next week for the winners.

We are back from our family outing, everyone survived and best of all we are all still speaking to each other. I will share in another post of our adventure, today is for our troops!!

I am on my way to having the "Quilt of Valor" cut out and ready to piece, not sure how much piecing I will get done today after a late afternoon nap I will get back on it and work when I can over the weekend. I have never tried the pattern before so it might be a slow but steady pace, our local quilt store has offered to help me free of charge if I get stuck. Here is the really great part, Deborah Norris has donated her time and materials to do the free arm quilting!!!!!! Thank you so much Deborah for you help!!!! I may not get the quilt done until this winter but I will devote as much time as I can when I can to completing this labor of love.

The most intimidating part of the process for me is the journal that the organization requests you do while working on the quilt. They ask that the journaling be in your own hand writing and add photo's if you would like. Since my spelling is atrocious (when spell check is down you know I am speaking the truth) I want to keep my journaling short and sweet, as a scrap booker photo's are a must. I decided to use a 8x8 scrapbook as my journal, that way I can have my Daughters (who can all spell) proof read my journaling before I slide it into the book, the photo's and blinging out pages should be easy peasy. Check out some of the organizations listed below if you are unsure of what or where to make a donation.

GOD BLESS the USA and all who are willing to give up their life so the rest of us may live free.

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