Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cozy and Warm

PJ set for a buddy of mine
How darn cute is this fabric, and it's flannel to boot, should be nice and warm this winter.

Why is it that men can sleep like logs? This whole menopause thing stinks, if I can get 5 hours sleep at one time I fell like a lucky girl, hubby however has no problem getting in 12 hours each night !
I had an e-mail requesting I post photo's of the gift I sent out to a friend last week, had to make sure she received it before I posted the photo's. Happy late Birthday once again Jackie! I was waiting until I took the PJ class to learn how to do french seams before I made these PJ's but since the class was a bust I had to go with regular seams. I did at least finish off the seams with a binding stitch but still... maybe someday I will take the time to watch a u tube video and figure french seams out. The pattern calls for an elastic waistband but I am a good enough friend to NOT ask my buddies what size their waist is so I went with a draw string instead, she can always add elastic if she wants. I picked the tee shirt up on sale at Kholes then added a few embroidered cocoa cups to match the PJ bottoms. It would cost 2 or 3 times as much to make a tee shirt at home!
Hubby is headed back north today but only for a short time!! He will get to come home in 2 weeks for some some meetings and maybe even be done with the project and get to have a normal life for a period of time. I'ts going to be odd (in a good way) to have someone else around the house when he returns. After a week or 2 we both adjust pretty well. I have a ton of to do's that I need to get back to this week. Hubby has been doing a bit of Christmas shopping while he has been away, the progress I have made in the Christmas room is no longer noticeable when he unloaded his bags. The scrap/sewing room is upside down (nothing new) and I am beginning to get low on a few things in the pantry, time to start collecting coupons again and stocking up.
For our family Halloween seems to be the kick off of the holiday season, from now until Christmas things will be non stop. In all the riping and running around we will also be meeting our newest member very soon, Daughter #1 sees the OB once a week now, we expect he will want "Baby Bubba" to arrive before the end of November. Time to put it in high gear!!!

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