Monday, November 21, 2011

Shopping Marathon

I hit the stores at 10:15AM this morning, returned home at 5:30PM then back out until 9:00PM. I think we are very close to being finished with our Christmas shopping. I need to input it all in an excel sheet to see if there are any holes in the gift list. We will exchange names within the family on Thanksgiving day for all who will be in town for Christmas this year so we will need to pick up 2 more gifts after Thanksgiving but other than that I should only have to get it all wrapped. I haven't totaled everything up yet but I am thinking we are still under budget but not by much. If no monkey wrench's get thrown in tomorrow I will finish up and call it complete. WHEEEE, I could use a hot bath and a tall glass of water!!

I do have some sewing projects that I would like to complete for our big girls and a few baby gifts that would be nice to finish up before Christmas but I refuse to stress about any of that. Thanksgiving dinner is the next biggie on the list followed up by decorating the house and yard then we are home free. We are pumped to hold the newest addition so it's all hands on deck until next Wednesday when "baby bubba" joins us

Back to checking my list, everybody has been nice, no one has been naughty, it would be cheaper if we would have had a few stink pots on the list!!


  1. Hope you stayed under budget!! Did you find some good deals??

  2. I got in just on budget with nothing to spare! Everything was on sale by at least a little bit, a lot of the shopping was for gift cards, no deals on those :( But the big kids will score when they use them at the after Christmas sales