Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nanny Time Day 4

Lucky find!! It is almost as big as the wood stove.
The view from my bathroom window this morning
Who posts views from their bathroom window? Well um...... me, for some reason the fall colors coming through the window made waking up a little sweeter, once the sun was up that is! I'm itching for a pot of something today to celebrate the end of my Nanny time and the beautiful colors of fall, chicken and dumplins might just do the trick. I need to get my rump in gear and make up noodles for the freezer so I can throw a pot of chicken noodle soup together in a pinch but the kitchen counters are still covered in various unfinished projects.
Yesterday was more running around (booooo) everything was on my do to list so at least I was able to mark lots of things off. One of my stops was to meet a friend to get her input on the sweater covered pumpkins, the stems were giving me fits, together we came up with the idea to cover some Styrofoam in brown moss and use a bit of beading wire for the vine swirly things along with a felt leaf or two they should be done, mark another thing off! The Harley quilt is now in the hands of the long arm quilter, can't wait to see what she comes up with for a design. I still have to pick up fabric for the binding to finish it up. I have been keeping up with receipts on the quilt so when the time comes our Harley buddies want me to make one for them I can give them the true price not figuring in any labor, I am sure they will be as shocked as I am over the price.
While I was out and about I ran into another Michael's in search of more pumpkins to cover, out of luck, everything fall or Halloween were marked down 80% so the pickins were might slim. Another thing I was on the lookout for was some sort of decoration for Daughter #1 front porch, at 80% off I figured I would put together a floral arrangement of some sort for her. A huge pre made arrangement caught my eye, but with a $150.00 price tag I was just scoping it out for ideas. The clerk that was working in the area told me they were also marked down 80% off, PAY DIRT the cost was $31.00, "I'll take 2 please" load um up!! My sister gave me a tip that Wally World had plastic jack a lanterns on clearance, since I was covering them in sweaters it didn't matter what they were decorated as, at $1.19 each I loaded the buggy.
Today I get to stay home!!!! I have a ton more things I want to knock out, while I won't get everything done I am feeling a little less stressed by the piles of unfinished projects and household chores I have been putting off. We are now on baby countdown so I have got to get ahead of the game, "Baby Bubba" will be joining the family November 30th!! The last ultrasound showed chubby cheeks, button nose and a bald head, can't wait to get this little guy in our arms.
I'm off to work on my list and get a chicken in the pot to stew.


  1. I think most most don't really understand how much it costs to make handmade items... then to sell, you never really ever make up your time & labour. Exciting that the new baby will be here for Christmas!! :) I'm jealous!

  2. Your little ones will be big girls in the blink of an eye!! Enjoy them while they are little, you will be a Nanny befor you know it. I am a little sick of what the quilt cost but there is now way I could do the quilting myself