Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are you up for a challenge?

My Vetrens Day project

Are you up for a challenge on Veterns Day this year Friday, November 11th?

Each year for the past 10 years or so (maybe longer) I have been spending Veterns Day making cards for our troops. Sometimes I can get freinds together for the day other times I have run a card class where 1/2 the cards made are donated to our troops or I might just be home alone making cards. This year in celebration of my new sewing machine I will be starting a "Quilt of Valor". I picked up the fabric back in the spring when one of our local stores was going out of buisness at 50% off with this project in mind, since that time the quilt keeps being moved to the back burner. NO MORE, THE TIME IS NOW!!

I picked out the pattern way back when, it states "easy", well see. I'ev been advised by the insturcters I have taken classes from that my quilting skills are way above beginner so I feel confadante I can pull off the quilt, the real intimidation is keeping a journal durring the process. I'm still looking around google to see what others have put in their journal, it seems trivial to me to write about the everyday happenings around the house when these men and woman are putting their lives on the line each day for all of us.

So here is my challenge to all of you. In some way be it large or small, please do something on Veterns day to support our troops. I know for many the kiddo's are out of school so taking the day off from our normal activities will be a real pain, others might want to get in on some of the Veterns Day sales but each and every one of you can do SOMETHING!! I have a list of charitable orginzations at the end of this post to get the wheels turning in your creative minds or maybe start budgeting to make a donation to one of the very worthy causes.

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail of what you did on Veterns Day to help our troops. I will be giving away some blog candy the Monday after Verterns Day as a thank you for helping out. I'm not sure yet what the blog candy will be, I do have some things in mind but haven't landed on the projecit (it will be good, I promise) Time to get busy around here!


  1. Such a wonderful idea, Debby!! We're going to a Church Breakfast & Veterans presentation, I'll have to think of something extra special to do! :)

  2. Cool, I just noticed the spell check didn't work, CRAP!!!! Somedays are not as good as others in the blogging world!