Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Table runner I wasn't able to post yesterday
Cut fabric for this little jewel out during nap time today

While the babies napped this morning I dug around in my room for fabric that would work on the Santa table runner pictured above and did a little cleaning up. Why don't I put things away as I go? I realized while cleaning up I have very little red fabric, hum... red is not my favorite color but it does come in handy now and then.

During their afternoon nap I got busy cutting up the fabric so I can start piecing it when I have a free moment here and there. Not sure how much free time I will be having until the first of next week. The evenings are still filled working on the little girls Christmas stockings, SO HOPE to finish up the piece and needle work by the weekend so I can begin the sequins and bead work, my least favorite part. sigh..

Hubby arrived home this afternoon with a pile of laundry and a hankering to head to the grocery store to by our turkey before they sell out. The laundry is underway, I talked him into waiting until tomorrow to do the grocery shopping. The man can not be trusted in a grocery store unsupervised.

Tyler also had Thanksgiving on his mind, he called after school today to check on the size of turkey we were having also suggested we needed ham, no potatoes, green beans or sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, he wants mini marshmallows on the side. Also a big no! on pies, he wants super hero sugar cookies instead. He explained to me Thanksgiving was for praying and having a feast with all your favorite foods. "oh ya Nanny and don't forget Thanksgiving day sprinkles for our ice cream" Need to update my menu plan for the big day!! Gotta love what 5 year olds come out with. Hubby thinks Ty is right on with some of his suggestions.


  1. The Table runner looks great!! I love red in stuff, gives everything a nice little pop!! :)

  2. Your right, I need to use more red, I tend to go for blacks to often!!