Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanny Time Day 5

Assembly line of sweater pumpkins

Day 5 of my Nanny time was spent once again try to clean up and clean out in the AM before I allowed myself some playtime. All the freezers are cleaned out and organized, my list of items I need to start watching for coupons and sales is ready. The pantries are looking spiffy again, I need to make a run to the warehouse store soon for kidney beans and Lima's if the grocery doesn't run a sale soon. The computer amour got some badly needed TLC, yet another list that I need to pick up of desk supplies. I put all the different lists in my planner so they won't get lost in never land, hopefully that will make shopping trips and scanning sales ads a little bit faster.

Then it was play time, I finished up all the mending, organized my thoughts for a card workshop at the nursing home for Christmas and made a quick trip to goodwill for more sweaters. Daughter #1 put in a request for sweater throw pillows, they won't be happening for awhile but I needed an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some time in the beautiful weather.

Today I hit the floor in high gear. Hubby will be arriving home a day earlier than expected. He wanted to get out of MI before the winter storm hit, southern boys don't do snow!! I have had to rearrange my plans to work around the new schedule. Once I finish up the pile of pumpkins on the counter I will get started on the "Quilt of Valor" I would love to have enough time left in the day to begin the piece work but just to get it cut out will be a big help.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, I planned on working on the quilt the entire day but hubby has set up a family outing.... I have already forwarded him I want to be home soon after noon so I can spend the rest of the day working on the quilt. I so hope I don't have to give anyone the 'Mommy look" but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to have time to honor our fighting men and women. We did make a nice donation to the Soldiers Angels phone home organization but I have my heart set on doing more.

Don't forget blog candy for our soldiers is tomorrow Veterans Day, leave me a comment on what you have done to help our fighting men and women, I will post the goodies sometime tomorrow. I will wait until Monday to do the drawing, as always you are welcome to send me an e-mail instead if you don't want to leave a comment on the blog!!


  1. Those are the mst well dressed pumpkins I've ever seen! ;) lol! I love how loyal you are to your country, Debby!! :)

  2. Thanks Carla, the pumpkins are turning out pretty cute. I don't think enough of us relize what our military families face each day, too many just see Veterans Day as a day off work