Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

Cupcakes at Daughter #1 baby brunch
One stocking pieced and needle work done, second stocking is on it's way
Quilt of Valor cut out and ready to go
Finished 3 sets of quilt blocks, only 3 more design sets to go
We have had a steady weekend of running around, spending time with the Grands and even worked in an afternoon nap today before we head out to eat with some friends tonight. Having hubby home has been a nice change of pace. He will be headed to Savannah, Ga for a week tomorrow then it looks like he will be working out of the local office for awhile!! It will be an adjustment for both of us to live together full time but we normally do pretty good other than the TV blaring 24-7 grrrrr.
I'm happy with the progress of the Quilt of Valor, slow and steady works for me. I do believe I might be able to have the quilt top done this week!! I have 3 more sets of quilt squares to do, I'm thinking maybe 10 of each then its putting them all together. This week is looking to be a slow week around the house so I will use the extra time for quilting this special labor of love.
We had Daughter #1's Baby Bubba Brunch this morning, nice and easy, early enough in the day to have some at home time to relax, love that! Baby bubba received WAY to many clothes, if Mom changes him 10 times a day he still won't be able to wear it all, his closet is already overflowing with "cool baby stuff" as Tyler would say. They have come up with a name for the baby but it's a bit of a secret, the big announcment will be November 30th when he joins the family.
Remember to leave a comment or send me an e mail on what you did for our troops on Veterans Day this year to have a chance at some blog candy.


  1. Love the stockings!! They are SOO cute! They look time consuming! Are they? The cupcakes are super cute, and I bet they were delicious!! :)

    I need to remember to we a donation to the veterans.. We had a beautiful ceremony at the Church last Sunday. I'll return after I find a Canadian charity to donate to! :) Hope thats ok!

  2. Emailed you about my donation! :)

  3. The stockings take time but it's good busy work in the evenings when watching trashy TV, HA Got your e-mail regarding the Veterans donation!! Thanks for remembering our troops, let me know what you would like for blog candy