Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nanny time

I did it, I declared some me time! Son-In-Law #2 ended up not having to work today so I am on my own, instead of going out last night I decided to stay in and get caught up on some badly needed rest. Today I will be off to use up some of my rewards points, coupons and GC. If the deals are not to be had I won't be spending anything extra, I need to hold on to our cash for Christmas!
Before I venture out I WILL get the scrap/sewing room back in order, when I say it is a HOT MESS I mean it!!! Having the sewing machines downstairs is working out great as far as the creative deal goes but I end up throwing stuff in and pulling stuff out of my room but never going back to clean up. When I work out of my room I keep things neat and tidy, disorganization makes me nuts however I am more productive sewing in the kitchen. I have way too many unfinished projects setting around and a few things that I need to get started on soon, this few days OFF I hope to get back on top of the mess.
I am also itching to get my "Quilt of Valor" cut out so I can jump in on the piecing for Veterans Day next week. The Christmas room is once again in a mess after hubby unloaded his goodies in there, I need to do some rearranging and updating of our gift list. Last but not least the house could use a little TLC. I have been keeping the doors and windows open a lot on days its not to cold, thus the layer of dust is getting mighty thick. The little girls and AJ are hard on the floors, they are getting as sticky as the Waffle House, time to get the place cleaned up!!
My plan for Sunday is to set up a Christmas stocking area in the family room so I can spend the day relaxing while working on the little ones stockings. I'm wishing I would have held on to my old crappy chair, it was perfect for beading and needle work :( Do you ever have so many irons in the fire things seem become overwhelming? Ya I think we all do, for the next few days I hope to overcome that mistake!!

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