Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christmas in March

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 How cute is this quilt. I saw on a blog someplace last Christmas where a lady had embroidered each person in the family's name on a fabric tag then attached them to one of the quilt squares. I so want to do that.
 I had a $20.00 off coupon for one of the quilt shops in my area, now we wouldn't want that coupon going to waste would we!  I have had my eye on Christmas fabric prices since the after Christmas sales started in January. This week it was down to $4.99 a yard, BINGO the price was good enough for me. I think I have enough to make 4 Christmas quilts, one for each of our girls and one for here at home. The added bonus is I have 10 month's to get them done.
I HATE big box fabric stores!!! Can you see what a crappy job they did of cutting this flannel? I am working on a beach quilt that I didn't want to use regular batting on. I find flannel diaper fabric works great, that is if they cut it correctly. GRRR  Glad I bought a little more than I needed or I would be SOL.

I have decided March will be devoted to a little Christmas sewing. I was inspired by she is already working on Christmas nativity sets!! I have a program I bought at the after Christmas sale I want to do for this year with the embroidery machine, I should so get started.

Then I ran into the sale on Christmas fabric. I think it is a sign that I need to get at least a little Christmas cheer going on. Added to all of  that we have our girls craft weekend coming up at the end of March it seems like the perfect time to get ahead of the game. I still have a back log of quilts to be quilted, one is so close to being done. I know I could finish tonight but after our family dinner )cooked for 14) and BD party for DD#2 I just don't want to take anything else on tonight. DD#2 told us at dinner she has decided she really likes being 29 so she will be forever more 29 (30 is the real age), works for me. I have a second quilt (baby) pined and ready to go, maybe later in the week. A "Quilt of Valor" is in need of quilting in addition I started piecing 2 baby boy quilts today. I seem to be getting a bit quilt crazy this year!!

Speaking of quilts I found a cute blog from a fellow NC lady that is having a giveaway, check out her blog here, she is also on my blog roll to the right. Get your name in the hat for  some blog candy, I have my heart set on the cute fabric!!!

Off to bed with an OK book that I hope will put me to sleep quickly!!


  1. Very cute quilt and I love your fabric finds. Can't wait to see your finished products.

  2. Very cute quilt and I think you are ambitious to make it in multiples!

  3. I really wish I could quilt; I have 2 beautiful quilts, one my oldest sister made me & the other was one my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law had made which I was given after they had both passed. I can't wait to see the Christmas one you make. I started shopping last month for this Dec ! LOL

  4. Beautiful quilt! I can't wait to see yours with the awesome fabric that you picked up!! :) Perfection!!

  5. Ooh another quilt and I love the fabrics xx

  6. Nice deal on fabrics! Can't wait to see a finished product.

  7. Thanks ladies, played around a bit with the Christmas fabric today.

  8. Great finds! Love the prints and colors of those fabrics, truly love the quilt design. :)
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