Monday, February 27, 2012

Giveaway Winner and a little play time

 And the winner of this pile of fabric along with a few patterns is. CARLA over at 1/2 dozen daily. I almost feel bad about sending Carla more fabric since she just finished organizing all her stash!! PLEASE feel free to toss anything you can't use!!!!!
 Finished piecing one of the two baby boy quilts this morning. May be able to knock the second one out tomorrow.
 Played around with a quilt block for the Christmas quilts I want to do. One down 63 more to go!!
 Then it was on to the refrigerator, we have lots of leftovers than need to be worked into our meals for this week.
One thing I need to unload is store bought biscuits. Here is a trick to make the yucky biscuits taste a little better. Flatten the biscuit out with your hands as much as you can, then pat them in flour on both sides, add a pat of butter to the top and bake as directed. They taste almost home made.

Mason man and I had a very busy day today, we spent the morning playing in fabric before moving on to the task of the day. Having 1/2 finished projects floating around makes me nuts, at least I was able to get one of them finished today!! The Christmas fabric was too tempting to keep walking away from so I worked up one quilt square. I need to get better at keeping my points clean looking. I figure by the time I work up 63 more I should be good at it.
The domestic project of the day was cleaning up the refrigerator. We have so many leftovers from the weekend I needed to figure out what to do with so we wouldn't have any food waste if possible. By repurposing some of it I will be able to get by with very little cooking this week other than some baking. Here is what we had leftover
Lasagna - Lunch tomorrow
Vegetable beef soup - Lunch today and a container delivered to a single friend who always enjoys a home cooked meal.
Roast beef and gravy - Beef and noodles for tonight's supper an additional container is headed to DD#1 home tomorrow for open roast beef sandwiches
Steamed broccoli - Will be broccoli soup this week, I have some leftover 1/2&1/2 from making ice cream yesterday I can use up as well.
Canned cherries - Gonna give cherry bread a try, hope it will work out. I put up way to many cherries last spring. 
Store bought biscuits - Used the recipe from above tonight, I will make some monkey bread later in the week and maybe donuts to finish it off.

Tomorrow I hope to get the second baby boy quilt pieced then on to cleaning out a bookcase :( Somehow I missed decluttering this during our family space area clean out. I have a missing cookbook, I know must be in the piles of books that may need a new home. Lord knows my girls borrow lots of things from our house but a cookbook isn't one of them!!
 Have you finished all your decluttering challenges for February? I thought I was almost done but maybe not!!


  1. I am so happy Carla won ! Yay!!! Debby, I love the baby boy quilt, the colours are "perfect", just as I had imagined. I have a recipe for Black Forest Bread to die for that takes cherry, but you would need a bit of juice. I will email it to you. The Grands would devour it I am sure. It was recipe of the month on my Recipe Exchange it was so popular. Happy "Leftover" week to you !

  2. Thanks!!! We love black forest cake but to much trouble to make!

  3. Oohh!! Thanks SO MUCH! I see yummy fabric in that pile!! :) Excited to get the box, thank-you!

    Secondly, I'm finally convinced that you must sew in your sleep to get so much done...hahaha! I love the baby boy quilt!! The fabric s awesome! And your "gift" block s perfect! What a fun quilt that's going to be!! Can't wait to see it completed!

  4. You are welcome Carla, there are some pink and greens in the box. I think you said at some time you didn't have much of that. How could that be with 3 girls in the house!! Na I don't sew in my sleep I just try and plan ahead, and stay organized, hard to believe if you saw the before of my scrap/sewing room, HA

  5. That baby boy quilt looks great! I'm hoping to finish a pink one for my niece here pretty soon. Trying to get a little head start on Christmas gifts and I love that Christmas gift block you have, it's perfect for the season!

  6. The baby boy quilt looks super cute. I love seeing all the crafty things that you make and Carla. It makes me wish I knew how to sew.

    Thanks for the tip on the biscuits. I have four of them sitting in the fridge. I think I'll try out your butter trick on them.

  7. Can't wait to see what treasures Carla makes out of your fabric - couldn't have gone to a better person! You sure are creative when is comes to food Debby - I would never have thought to do that with store bought biscuits - nope, not ever. You've got an easy week of cooking ahead!