Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teen "Linus Quilt"

 Using the leftovers from DD# 2 quilts and a few things from my stash I made this quilt for a teen with the "Linus Project" Love using up leftovers instead of adding more scraps to my stash.
 Here is the back, It's had to see the colors well as it is so close to the sun going down for the day. It is a bright green with black polka dots, young and hip. I'm not much into the lime green black look but I am also not young and hip. Hells bells I am old and just thankful my hips even work.
 Karsyn hung out in Mason's swing this morning with her snack, I keep Mason far away from the little girls!!! They would love to have their way with him.
Caught Karsyn working on her cooking skills when my back was turned, water from her sippy cup is her secret ingredient.

I did get a nap in today but it was after the little ones left. A 6:30 in the evening nap was not what I had in mind.  DD# 3 was able to have her schedule adjusted so I only had Mason and Karsyn today, tomorrow it will be all 3 of them. In the past the little girls played pretty nicely together but times they are a changing!! I put Karsyn down for her nap today then was having some one on one time with Mason when I heard a small knock on the door.....what the heck it was coming from the play room. Karsyn had gotten out of her crib after a short rest and was knocking on the kitchen door to let me know, grrrr.... I put her rump back in the crib then kept my eye on her through the french doors, in a quick minute she threw her chunky leg over the crib rail and down she fell. She didn't blink and eye just headed to the door to knock again letting me know she was loose. After some rearranging in the play room I then put her down in the pack and play, thankfully she wasn't able to escape, she slept just long enough for me to feed Mason and take a quick shower.

I am headed to the grocery for milk and ricotta cheese tonight, maybe even spring for a special Nanny snack then back home to put together a couple of pans of lasagna for here and to go meals for the DD's tomorrow night. I still need to get the binding on a blanket I am making as a favor for a friend done tonight, sure hope it will go fast and easy, I don't have the energy for much more!!

I do have one more quilt to finish before the end of the month, I should have a little free time on Saturday to get a good start, the rest will have to wait until next week on the days that I just have Mason, he seems to enjoy the sound of the sewing machine. I am thinking any sound other than his sister Karsyn is a welcome relief


  1. Beautiful quilt!!The colors blend so nicely!

  2. I agree - so pretty - I do envy your quilting skills x

  3. LOL, too funny with the Grands, Debby. I love it ! I don't know how you do it with all three of them, never mind two at once and still get done what you do. Nap well deserved, but it doesn't help when the times don't jive with the norm nap times. Hope today is good with no escapees? Love the Quilt, however bright green is not my "bag" either.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! You're very clever to be able to make that :)

  5. Thanks ladies!! We are so blessed to have our girls settle close to home so we can be part of thier growing families but I am not as young as I was 35 years ago when we had our first, I am dragging bootie tonight