Friday, February 24, 2012

The Week is Done!!

 I stayed up late last night to get the blanket for a friend finished.
 This morning the little girls stayed busy cooking up a storm, I was the taste tester, lots of yummy slobber was consumed. EWWW.

After nap time they hung out chatting. As you can see by this photo I can't turn my back for a second. While I was grabbing the camera Karsyn took off her diaper.

Today I survived. The grands were all fat and happy when they left, the Mommy's had a nice pan of lasagna to take home for supper, AJ the beagle and I hit the couch as soon as the door shut the last time.

My hope for the weekend is to rest! Hubby is headed home, should arrive back sometime tomorrow, the only plans we have is DD#2 Birthday dinner Sunday. I know hubby will be ready to head out to see the grands as soon as he has unpacked his truck, I will send him on his way with my best wishes. I am worn slap out, maybe a good nights sleep will change my mind but I think it will take more than 24 hours to recover. I still have an additional quilt to finish before the end of the month but until I recharge my battery there is no reason to set at the sewing machine, I am not that attached to my seam ripper!!


  1. Oh that little rascal lol! Hopefully there were no "surprises" in the diaper! I LOVE the material for the blanket - gorgeous! Yes, you rest and put your feet up - that's exactly what I'm going to be doing too - nursing my cold while I lay in bed with my hot water bottle watching movies on Netflix. Cheers!

  2. I hear ya, Debby!! If you were closer we could spend the weekend together doing NOTHING! I'd even ignore my "to do" list for you!! lol!

  3. Nothing is in order for you, Debby. Hope other then reading this, that is exactly what you are doing? LOL What a wonderful Mama sending lasanga home with the DD !

  4. what special little ones...hope you are resting up by now and ready to sew some!!!

  5. All rested up and even a little piece work done in today!!