Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week #2 Decluttering complete!!!

 This is the before shot of our PC cabinet
 Now for the after. I know it doesn't look like a huge change but there were lots of bits and pieces of papers that needed to be taken care of along with things that didn't belong in here. Took a little over and hour and as a bonus I found 4 pairs of reading glasses!!
 I love this cabinet, when it is not in use it looks neat and tidy in the living room.
 The folks finally got out today to do repairs on some chimney tiles and to figure out why our wood stove had smoke backing up on us. Over the weekend the boys did everything they could to get it going but the stupid thing just wouldn't work. At one point one of them went out back to check the chimney to see if any smoke was coming out at all, he swore there were 2 squirrels hanging out of the top gasping for air. Since cold beer was the beverage of choice for the boys over the weekend I didn't put a lot of weight to his observation. Well seems he was correct, we had 3 squirrel families that had built condos in the stove pipe. After 7 hours of HARD work the chimney company made all the repairs and rebuilt the stove pipe, a new chimney cap has been ordered and will be installed free of charge. We have a Vermont stove with a cook top, lots of cash was spent on this bad girl. Thankfully the company stands behind their product and instillation!!!!
 I couldn't stand not playing with just a little bit of fabric today so I cut up a quilt kit I had bought last summer. I purchased some extra fabric to use with it yesterday on sale. To my surprise the kit had enough fabric to make 2 baby quilts and enough leftovers to cut up some charm pack squares!! SOOO excited, the kit was pricey but now that I see I can get 2 quilts and maybe even 3 quilts from it, money was well spent. Of course I changed up the pattern a bit as usual so that helped conserve fabric. I tend to use a pattern as a suggestion not as it was intended!
Finished up the evening meal with a peach cobbler to use up the leftover peaches from dinner this week, all I can say is OH MY.

It has been another busy day working on more decluttering, cutting fabric for baby boy quilts, and the normal must do's each day. I also had Kara for the afternoon, poor baby has a UTI infection so she was feeling really bad, I hate to see sick baby's!!! Oh ya and a grocery store run before the sun was up good this morning, but that's another post. I have had my feet up after eating a small bowl (maybe 2) of peach cobbler and working on the binding for DD#2's quilt. I think one more night of hand work and this one will be ready to hang on the clothes line. A BIG welcome to all the new followers!!!
I have Kara for the day tomorrow so it's early to bed for me.


  1. Wow, Debby, I love the cabinet ! Glad you got the "rats" disposed of, they can do damage. Please have a piece of your peach cobbler for me, will you? I must use some of the peaches up I have in the freezer, so thanks for the reminder (if I don't forget again). Goodnight and good rest.

  2. I can tell a difference on your cabinet, and think it looks great!! :) You got a tonne out of that fabric!! I can't wait to see the finished quilts! :)

  3. That's an awesome cabinet. I have never seen one like that.
    The desk and work area is so hard to keep clean.

  4. Your house is so cute! I love to see all your de-cluttering projects.

  5. Thanks ladies, wish next weeks challenge would be as easy as this weeks but it's gonna be a bugger!!

  6. yes you can see a difference. I enjoy peach cobbler when down south, it's not a common thing up here in Canada.


  7. Your computer cabinet is awesome!! Gotta get me one of those. Sorry about your chimney woes - darn squirrels! When we move to PEI we want a wood stove with a cook top. Does yours need any electricity at all?