Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Happenings

 The bonus challenge for this week was to write a letter or send a card to someone. I sent a card to a friend who needed a laugh earlier in the week. Today I wrote (typed) a letter along with a handmade card to my Senior Angle's DD, thanking her for thanking me by adopting her Mom (confusing I know) and to ask a few questions so I can do some good gift giving this year.
 Put on a pot of northern bean soup for dinner this AM. Everything except the beans were  preserved at home, chicken stock, celery, onions, Christmas ham bone.
 Duhh, forgot to pull out the rest of the ingredients when I took the first photo, garlic, parsley and carrots, most of the veggies are from our garden.
 Lazy me didn't check the mail yesterday, what a happy surprise when I checked today, the tags for the "Quilt of Valor" quilts came in!!!
An even bigger surprise was I ordered 12 tags, the company threw in an extra so I was thinking I had 13 tags. NOT!!! Come to find out there are 11 tags per package, I now have 33 "Quilt of Valor" tags, holy crap Batman. If anyone is intrested in making a "Quilt of Valor" pleas let me know I would be happy to send you a tag or 2 or 3 or.....

Week 2 of the decluttering No/Low spending challenge is complete and I checked off the extra bonus today!! My decluttering is going great, a lot of work but so worth the effort, thanks Carla for such a wonderful challenge. The No/Low spending challenge is not going as well as I would like but a little saved each week is better than nothing!!!

Today was a spending day. One of my very good friends Son was deployed to Afghanistan last month, she received his "Mom can you send us" list this week. Before I could get my hot little hands on the list it had already been filled, people can be so thoughtful. His Mom was in tears that so many folks wanted to bring he and his fellow soldiers a little touch of home. Not to be outdone Mom and I went to breakfast this morning then on to Wally world looking for some things he and his buddies could use or want. I choose entertainment as my theme, lots of candy just like at the movies, popcorn and a pile of DVD's that according to my SIL's are stupid funny guy stuff. Since he has so many boxes headed his way in the next week or two I am holding off on sending my box for now, Mom also ask if I would send some homemade cookies along, are you kidding me. Girl get out of my way I need to get my apron on and get busy!!!!

Moving right along this post is going to get very long winded!! I was nominated by Mrs Thrifty to receive a Versatile Blog award!! Thank you so much Mrs Thrifty, you can find her cute blog here

The rules are I need to pass on this award to fellow bloggers, check them out from the list below.

 The other requirement is I tell 7 things about myself you may not know

1.) I have been with my sweet husband for 39 years, married for 38 years.

2.)We lived in Germany when I was a teen and traveled around most of Europe, I was to young and dumb to appreciate it :(

3.) I love all things food related, planting, growing, harvesting (not weeding) preserving, cooking and best of all eating.

4.) My Grandmother is my hero, she has been gone for 32 years now but she can NEVER be replaced. She was left a widow with 8 children on her own living on a farm the youngest still in diapers. She lost her oldest son in WW2 just after her husband had passed. She stayed on the farm and brought her children up single handed, all went on to become successful productive men and women who built strong families of their own. At the age when she should have had her feet propped up she opened her heart and home for my sister and I when our Mother passed away. Oh to be 1/2 the woman she was!!!

5.) I have to create, no matter what, no matter how bad it might turn out, if I don't make a little something in the kitchen, yard or scrap/sewing room each day I don't feel settled.

6.) I have a heredity brain disorder that has resulted in reoccurring seizure's beginning 10 years ago. I am so thankful to modern medicine, prescription drugs and research that has allowed me to be with my children and husband for all these years. 

7.) I am not  a TV watcher other than the news, my dead dark secret is our DD's have me hooked on the trashiest show ever made, Real Housewife's of Atlanta, Beverly hills, and whatever else trash they put out. 


  1. What a great friend (and citizen) you are for helping out the troops! Way to go. Your grandmother would be proud!

  2. First - THANK YOU for the Versatile Blog award!! I will write a post about that tomorrow:)
    Second - my role model in life was my gramma too - she died in 1986 but I think about her everyday. She lost her husband shortly after WW1 ended - he killed himself leaving her with 4 children to raise - in fact, she was in bed after having given birth to her youngest when he killed himself in the attic of their home. My poor mother found him, she was only 7. Tough times but she was one tough lady and I like to think I got my toughness from her. Life is what you make it - you can give up or get moving. I'm happy that the miracle of modern medicine has given you a second chance - you're one heck of a strong lady Debby and you have my admiration!

  3. Great answers - thanks for sharing and what a woman your Grandmother was x

  4. Ms Thrifty, thanks for the award!

    Jane, looks like we both came from hearty stock!

    V Culbourn, Wish I could do more for the men and women who risk their life for all of us each day

  5. Debby, you will be on a new mission to find homes for all those "tags" ! LOL, Do you have a dehydrate your veggies (carrots too)? I think it was a "bean soup" weekend ! LOL My Grandma had 10 children & my Grandpa was a miserable cuss; I do so put my Grandma right up there too. I suppose this is where we have gained our strengths from, or I like to think I have ... you are "passing it forward" for that young man, and others, Debby, doesn't it make us feel good !

  6. great answers I miss my Nana also she's been gone 25 years now...

    My trashy tv secret: Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, can't get enough of it, don't know why???

    Gill in Canada

  7. Thankyou for the award, it made my morning! My grandma is one of my heros as well and is for sure where a large part of my strength comes from. She raised 10 kids, 3 of them through the depression with a milkman for a husband who later killed himself , I have never met a stronger woman!

    Your blog is wonderful and I LOVE those heart pillows!

  8. I had to laugh out loud at #7! that is my dark secret too! I watch it in the bedroom, cause I don't want the girls to know to watch stuff like that, and think that it's real world.

  9. I love to look at all your creations!! You are so talented!

  10. Thanks for the award! And thanks for sharing those things about your life. Sounds like there are some great grandmothers out there. Mine raised 6 girls alone after her husband died when the youngest was only 3. She's wonderful and I am thankful to still have her around.