Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This and That

 This morning I cut the pieces for all 4 Christmas quilts other than all of the white fabric (afraid it would get to dirty) I would like to piece one of the quilts before our girls weekend at the end of March just to be sure I know what I am doing and have everything I need.
 I figured I should clean out this bookcase while I was looking for the missing cookbook.
 No luck on finding the cookbook but I did unload a pile of books to go to our DD's, sister, and a friend.  In addition the bag in the photo is for good will.
We ended the day buy cutting some flowers from the yard. Since it looks like we won't be having a winter I might as well bring in a little spring cheer.

I am so aggravated that I can't find the cookbook I am looking for. I don't know what in the world I would have done with it GRRRRRR. I am wondering if I loaned it out to my sister, tomorrow I am going to check with her to see. However the bookcase still needed to be cleaned out so all is not lost.

Before we head out for our girls weekend I wanted to make sure I am all set to work on the Christmas quilts. From looking at the cabin photo's on line I am not seeing a good place to do much cutting, I got that knocked out this morning. I have found that there is a mistake on the pattern, of course that is after I have cut everything out, durn it!!! It's an easy fix but still a pain in the rump. Also a few pieces of the fabric are directional, when the lady cut the fabric she asured me it would be fine, well not so much. I may go ahead and use it if it doesn't look to offensive. I would only need to replace 1 1/2 yards of  fabric so all is not lost if I decide to change it out.

Mason and I took a stroll around the yard today to cut flowers and check on the little bit we have in the garden. The garlic is looking good but the bulbs are really small, hopefully they will begin to fill out. I think I need to pull the carrots and reseed new ones in another box for spring. First I have to run 4 bags of onions I picked up last week through the dehydrator. We were down to one jar of onions from the summer garden, hope to have better luck this year!

Tomorrows task is cleaning out and reorganizing the kitchen pantry. Our dehydrated food jars are on one of the lower shelves, the perfect height for the little girls to get into. I know it's an accident waiting to happen. I try to keep the pantry door shut when they are around but sometimes I forget. They are like flies on you know what when the door is open so a change is in order. I also need to get a list together for some bulk buying next month as well as decide what we need to increase in the garden this spring to last throughout the year. The outside freezers are next on the list, I need to use up more of the veggies I put up last year before the new season starts. I did use some blueberries tonight for muffins in the morning, and a little snack after supper! HA

Off to bed it will be another full day in the morning.


  1. Spring flowers, onions & carrots in the garden? I am envious, but then again I have much more needing done on the inside before the weather is nice to get to the outside stuff, so I best hush myself up. Bookshelves look awesome, but how maddening about the cookbook !

  2. That is going to be such a charming quilt. And the bookshelf looks great!

  3. That Christmas quilt is going to be beautiful! Looks like you are really off to a good start with them. It took me forever to cut my current project, I'd get started and something would come up and on to the back burner it would go lol. Here's to hoping we get a lot of sewing done in March.