Sunday, February 5, 2012

 Yesterday the scouts came buy to pick up food for the food bank, nice quick and easy for me to do. Mini challenge complete! 
 I played around with some charm squares and yardage I had in my stash for a baby quilt I will need as a gift next month.
 Super quick and easy design so I put it together one afternoon.
 Such cute girlie, girl fabric, I will figure out a backing from my stash them bind it in more of the green I used for the sashing
Forgot to post this photo of one of  my 2012 goals so far. One "quilt of Valor" completed, two baby boy quilts for "Linus Project" completed, one little boy quilt for "Linus Project" completed. Along with that one "Quilt of Valor" top done, one teen "Linus quilt" top done, two hip quilt tops done for DD#2 birthday later in the month. Which ever one she rejects will go in the gift closet for later or maybe to a teen "Linus Project" quilt SO HAPPY with the results for January!!!

Decided to post my weekly update today while I am waiting for two pans of cinnamon rolls to rise for tonight's big game. We are also bringing along a crock pot of Italian beef and rolls, sausage balls, granola mix, banana pudding, and chocolate covered peanuts. Lots of cooking has been going on in the last 24 hours! So much cooking as a matter of fact that last night I blew off supper to go out to eat, along with a marathon cooking day I had Kara so I was worn completely out.
This weeks spending stunk. I decided to use part of my weekly spending to get a head start on Valentine's gifts for our big kids, I will use next weeks budget to finish up. I also spent some $$ on organizational bins for the sewing room and of course dinner out last night. Total spent for the week was $164.00, transfer over just $36.00 to our Christmas/Vacation account. My goal for February was to put back $100.00 in our Christmas/Vacation account but I was hoping to maybe do even better, that might not happen!
The good part is, what the heck the GREAT part is our personal space is rocking, and I have a head start on the scrap/sewing room. Week one challenge is completed!
This week is family space, I figure it will be Tuesday before the boys clear out and I can get started. I already have the area's I plan to hit, TV cabinet, computer cabinet and hall closet. Those are the only family area's we have that are in need of attention, the rest of the week will be devoted to getting some quilt tops done. I have 5 quilt tops in line for quilting all but one are large quilts, :(.
Looking forward to doing some catching up on blog reading tonight while the boys enjoy the game. I will hang out a bit with them but head home early for some me time, then pick them up after a night of enjoying some cold beer, YUCK!!!


  1. So pretty - my next challenge is to try quilting x

  2. Wow slow down woman you are going so fast your wheels are going to fall off ! Debby, would you share your cinnamon roll and Crock Pot Italian Beef recipes with me, both sound "yummy", if you are able. Hope you get some "you" time today for yourself.

  3. LOVE the little baby quilt!! Gorgeous!! Look how any quilt tops you got done... You are just amazing! Sooo talented!!! :)
    Awesome job on your food donation! Although I know that donating is a regular thing for you, great all the same!! ;)

  4. Ms. Thrifty, I love to quilt, just started last year and I am hooked!!

    North of Wiarton, Trying to get in as much as I can before I have the Gtands again in March!!

    Carla, This donation was a little extra for the week, really nice that they did the pick up as well, saved my gas!! Ha

  5. This quilt is gorgeous!I love it!!