Saturday, February 18, 2012

Closet, Before and After

 This is what my scrap/sewing closet looked like last week.
 I pulled it all out and dumped it in one of our spare bedrooms.
 Along with the closet I threw some stuff that was just floating around the room in here.
The only things that went back in the closet were things I LOVED and knew I could use up in this lifetime, God willing. Everything else has been donated to charity or friends who could use some things.
 The spare bedroom is back to normal.
Clean sheets are back on the bed, vacuuming and dusting complete.

Slowly my scrap/sewing room is coming together. I will work a little today and tomorrow then post the finished product Sunday night. This room was my productivity and dreaded challenge all in one. Next week I do have one more dreaded challenge but there won't be much to share since it is all on organizing files in my PC, mostly photo files. I had thought I would be excited doing a room gutting and makeover in this room but I ended up being more depressed each day as I cleaned out.
 Way back when, maybe 15 years ago I started scrapbooking with just a little box I could shove under my bed when I was done working. Over the years it grew and grew. When I was working full time I would shop for supplies to get ready for a weekend of scrapbooking, maybe a girls weekend away, a retreat and at times just because everything was oh so cute. I began giving individual instructions, group classes and such in our home when hubby was away, then branched out to working retreats and classes in a few scrapbook stores locally and away from home. Things continued to grow and grow, I realized I loved teaching classes but being away from home on the weekends was not something I was willing to do, family time was to important to me. Many of the products in my room were free from manufactures to use as samples, some I won in contests, but WAY too much I bought myself.
 I consider this room clean out an example of  my past wasteful spending. It's not like we couldn't afford what I bought but still....... This morning I am over my funk, I am thankful for the lesson learned with this clean out. I am happy that I know of organization's that will be thrilled to have some play things to brighten many of their days. I think  I will be more productive now that the excess has been removed and I am dancing with joy that the $$ once wasted so many years ago are now setting in an EF, savings and retirement.
Have any of you had regrets of how much excessive stuff was in your home during this month long decluttering challenge? I had stopped my overspending years ago when we saw that the US economy was in for a bad time. When the you know what hit the fan we were in better shape than many in our income bracket but I knew I could do more so I did. This clean out has been a GREAT reminder to me that even if you are spending cash only, personal boundaries on spending must be in place no matter what income level you are at. Thanks to Carla over at for forcing me to get with the decluttering program and giving me the kick in the.... to reflect on past spending mistakes.


  1. Great job! Sometimes we just need a little push to accomplish great things :)

  2. Fantastic job completed as usual. Debby, I almost feel sick when I see something that has been bought, not used, or gone to waste. I try so hard to be careful not to waste, but the things we collect over the years, loose interest in, or whatever. At least others are benefiting from what you gave away, so all is not lost. Good day to you, I need to tackle all that bedding in my spare bedroom today! Yech ...

  3. Thanks ladies, I have been doing much better in stupid spending but your right North of Wiarton it is hard to hold back sometimes!

  4. When my marriage broke down 8-9 years ago I kept myself busy redecorating the house and spent $$ I shouldn't have on accessories for each room and antiques etc. It did help me get through a difficult time but I do regret now the amountt of $$ I spent.Congrats on a job well done Debby, the spare room is habitable once again!

  5. You've done absolutely AMAZING this month, Debby!!! THIS is why you're my inspiration!! :) I feel the same way about you with my scrapbooking spending.. I spent SOO MUCH and haven't shopped in nearly 3 years and STILL haven't made a dent in my stuff! Horrid isn't it!? :( I'm starting mine this week, but really have no idea even where to start. My before pics are going to be brutal!! lol!

  6. Yep, I am trying to get where you are!! WE have a "guest room" that I would NOT want a guest in!!! My husband uses it as a closet, ouch!! Yes, he did I let that happen???
    Your room looks wonderful and a guest would be very welcome there!!
    We do , however, use cash only and spending is on the mend...of course I am retired and we really need so much less in the clothing, car and lunch areas.
    Thanks for encouraging me and pray for me/us that we will get that spare in tick tock order in the near future!!

  7. great job well done. Love how your ribbons are all hung up behind the door. Shall have to show dd that.

    Gill in Canada

  8. Gill, the ribbon holder is really an old over the door shoe rack