Friday, February 3, 2012

Play Day

 While Kara took her morning nap, I cut up this fun fabric for a new quilt.
 Then we loaded up all the grands for some playground time at DD#1's
 As soon as we let Kara loose she was off.
 Poor Tyler hung out at the swings waiting for one of us to give him a push.
 Karsyn of course needed a snack, how cute are those chubby cheeks.
 Back at the house the girls had a little popcorn break.
Mason was just happy to have dry pants.

Never and I do mean never should you try an piece a quilt after an afternoon at the park with 4 little ones!! I have ripped more seams tonight than I have in a year. I give up, the mojo is not here tonight. If I ever get the thing together is will be really cute.
Hubby surprised us today by taking off early. The surprise was really on him, we had already set up a play date at the park so he joined in (might be the last time!) The little girls scatter like wild animals when we have them outside, even in our back yard I have a time keeping up with them. Mason just hung in his stroller napping away enjoying the fresh air. Our big boy Tyler enjoyed himself but it's a little hard on him to have been the only one for 4 years then have 3 new little ones join the world in less than a year!! 
Thankfully we had dinner out with friends tonight so I didn't need to cook. Hubby had some sort of bet going that he won so dinner was free!! I'm off to bed after taking a little something for aches and pains that are sure to set in tomorrow then the fun begins again. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Mason looks quite the little man with his hair combed over like that - too cute! And Kara looks like she's lifting weights at the same time as she's eating popcorn. Oh I miss having a little one around :( enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh wow - you have your hands full, but don't they look adorable. I love the fabrics for the quilt - should be lovely x

  3. you certainly do have your hands full. How old are they and who is related to who?


  4. I should so be finishing up my cleaning but here I sit with blogs, I am so bad.
    Gill, DD#1 has 3 of the children, Tyler, Karsyn and Mason. DD#3 has just Kara for now. DD#2 hasn't married yet so NO babies for her (I hope!)
    Jane, Kara had one of the dog toys that looks like a weight lifting thing. We have to watch what they play with, never know when one of them will take a swing at the other!!
    Ms Thrifty, I am excited to get busy on this quilt, maybe today I will have better luck

  5. Lovely bunch of Grands you have there, Debby. I can't wait until March Break until our Aiden comes for a week. My Mother was happy to see me, my brother had told her I had been sick, so she already knew. You had a "full" day yesterday as well. Nice weather you are still having by the looks of it. Heavy frost here this morning with the sun now out. Good day for you, Debby.

  6. You certainly had your hands full and those are awesome cheeks!! I love the colours of the fabric pieces.

  7. Love the flip-flop fabric!! Can't wait to see what you did!! Your grands are all so sweet & look at he big Mason is getting!!! What an adorable little man! :)

  8. So cute! We had a play date today ourselves ;)

    Hope you will visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY!
    Just Tututiny

  9. Having a play date was a great way to end a week full of decluttering!!! We are so blessed that so far our DD's have all settled in our area!! I would be lost without our girls and the little ones.