Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Happenings

 I hit Hallmark this morning after the boys cleared out to find something for my Senior pal. I had $18.00 in reward dollars burning a hole in my pocket. First off as always was the clearance isle, scored a mini Christmas tree and a singing gingerbread man for next Christmas at 75% off. The coupon won't work on sale items, bought 3  cards for $.99 @ which qualified me to pick up the talking dog for $14.95, in addition the book "Angels All Around" will be great for another month of gift giving. Total spent $19.60, saved $39.18!!
 I now have everything I need to send my senior pal a nice Valentines gift.
 All this fancy candy came from a local shop that was giving away Valentines baskets with a receipt from Gymboree last week of $100.00 or more. DD#1 was using up her bucks for winter clothing so she scored a basket of goodies to share with me. Lots of fancy chocolates at $.0 cost.
 I did get in a few hours of free motion quilting while the boys were away. I might just get it finished tomorrow!
A few Daffodils have already appeared.

I am DOG tired tonight after a full day of keeping the boys fat and happy. They will all clear out in the morning so things will get back to normal. I will be sending them to bed after they have a bowl of homemade ice cream and some SC peaches I canned last summer. We have enough leftovers from tonight's dinner that should keep me from having to cook for at least two days!! Yepee more sewing and decluttering time for me.
Along with picking up a Valentines gift for my senior today I finished off Hubby's gift. We don't go all out for each other just a little something to show we care. He will be up north for Valentines day so I put a bag full of his favorite goodies together using CVS reward dollars and coupons, cost was under $5.00 out of pocket. I still need to finish up the big kids later in the week, just a few more GC's.

It's been a long time since I went on a shopping spree, the old rush of getting lots of deals felt pretty good!!

We will be dropping some cash mid week on our chimney, we need some repairs to upper tiles and for some reason we can't get a good draft to build a fire in the wood stove. The fireplace and flew for the wood burning stove both have caps on them but the boys saw a squirrel peeking his head out of the chimney gasping for air when we tried to light the stove. The tile repairs we were aware of, the cost will be $150.00 but whatever the problem with the chimney should be on the company since they were the ones who did the instillation at a pretty hefty cost I might add!!

Hope to catch up on all the blogs tonight I haven't had time to read. You guys are rocking the decluttering challenge it is amazing how a challenge can get everyone in a cleaning frenzy!!


  1. Fantastic gift giving savings, Debby. I guess you are tired with the day you have put in. Love the new Quilt. Good night to you.

  2. That candy looks delicious and I love Daffodils. When I see them they always make me think of Spring. Such happy pictures you posted today, including the quilt. =)

  3. I think I am going to cut some of the flowers and bring them in so I can really enjoy them!

  4. Oh, the daffodils are beautiful! I can't wait for some daffodils and tulips in our yard!! I need me some spring!