Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kitchen Pantry

 Here is the before. Things were getting so messy and the little girls wouldn't keep their sweet hands off the dehydrated food jars.
 This is much better. As I went along I made a list of things we need to stock up on and what we need to plant more or less of  in the garden. The dehydrated food jars are now out of reach.
 Used up 2 pints of sweet cherries making loves of quick sweet bread for desert tonight, sent one home with DD #1 along with extra broccoli soup for her lunch.
This little guy gave me fits today so I only got the kitchen pantry cleaned out. See those big blue eye's? He has a nice big set of lungs to match!!

Mason man was one fussy boy today!!!! By the afternoon the problem was solved, it is amazing  that something so little could produce something so impressive! Enough said, he was all smiles after that.

Getting the kitchen pantry and cooking done today was all I could manage. Between this little guys belly ache and my headache that was (is) pounding I feel pretty proud I got anything at all done. Tomorrow I will have Mason man and Karsyn, the back pantry clean up may or may not happen. Tonight I don't give a rats rump. As soon as the storms get past us my head should clear up until then its cold wash clothes, low light and little noise. Hubby is rocking out to some Simon and Garfunkel concert on the education channel right now. I am wearing ear plugs I don't have the heart to ask him to turn it down, it really is a GREAT concert!!

Back tomorrow with end of the month update and goals for March, off for now to track the nasty storms headed our way. BTW!!! Welcome to all the new members who have joined this simple blog, over 250 hits today, WOW!!! blush....


  1. Your pantry looks great! What do you usually dehydrate? I'm debating if I should buy a dehydrator or not.

  2. Congrats on ALL of it Debby ! Pantry looks great, bread looks yummy, Mason looks content and thank goodness I can't see the pain in your head ...hope it is better soon. Did you get the recipe for Black Forest Banana Bread I emailed you? A "must" try ! Feel headache less soon, I feel for you, as I live with them on a daily basis.

  3. Lena, I dehydrate just about all veggies, not to much fruit as it tends to be to sticky for us. Check out this GREAT site she is the queen of dehydrating dehydrate2store

    Cindy, yes got it tonight, I will try it tomorrow if the grands will let me! Thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and comment! I like your Nanny's place. You look like one very busy nanny!

  5. Hi Debby, I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you. Your blog is great and I can already see we have lots in common.

    I am impressed you get anything done with toddlers around, I can get some things done with my 3 yo grandson here but when 20 mo granddaughter is here, I do good just to keep the dishes done.

    so nice to meet you!

  6. You have had a busy day.I love your pantry, I wish I had room for one but sadly I dont.

  7. Wonderful job on the pantry!! :) Mason looks like grandpa doesn't he?! What a cutie pie!! :)