Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week One Challenge is Complete!!

Last night I sat in my messy nest finishing up files for 2011 and setting up files for 2012
Our desk is now clean and ready to take on whatever I throw in the cubbies

Old files are in the attic and the new ones are ready for the new year

Tidy little drawer

And office supplies are in place

That's it for our bedroom!!! I even washed the durn windows, what the heck it was 73 degrees here today, felt like spring to me!!! After the bedroom I moved on to finish up in the master bath, will post photo's tomorrow, blogger only lets me do 5 per post. Then it was on to the scrap/sewing room for more work. It is going to take MUCH more than a week to work that room over so I am trying to sneak in and extra hour here and there.

After a few hours in my room of sin I had a bug up my rump to do a little sewing so while hubby was working the tax deal this evening I worked on a baby quilt top for a friends new grand baby due to arrive the end of March. It is oh so girly and super cute!! Of course I have lots of fabric leftover so LATER I will work up and additional quilt or two. I used a charm pack along with some yardage so the job went lickety split fast. I didn't realize the charm pack also had some great blues in it. Bonus time, I have most of what I need for a baby boy quilt in the future.

Taxes are done!! We are getting a nice refund from the Federal return, Michigan, and Virginia but have to pay North Carolina :( We will still come out ahead so I can't complain. Now where oh where to stash that cash, gonna sleep on it tonight and come up with a plan.

Hey it was a NO Spend day!! Pretty easy to do when your too tired to leave the house after a day of decluttering!!


  1. Wow - it looks wonderful - and I am about to walk out into a -2 degree cold wind!! Bit of a difference x

  2. Wow were you ever busy yesterday, I would say you were tired after all that. Has been a little milder here once again, wish it would make up its mind. We will see what Wiarton Willie has had to say this morning about it all.

  3. well done.........I am very impressed,


  4. I love the style of your desk! I love tucking things into cubbyholes:) I regularly post more than 5 photos in my blogger posts so not sure why you can only do five?
    Congrats on the refund - why so many different States?
    I haven't even got the info I need yet to do my taxes, grumble grumble...

  5. Nice, the clean and organized desk looks great. That's the one area that I can never ever seem to keep clean.

  6. Thanks ladies, feels so good to have that out of the way! Hubby works in many states during the year so we get to support lots of states!!

  7. Looking good! You did awesome! And I so envy your weather. It's around 40 here right now (which is pretty good for this time of the year) but I can't wait for spring to come...

  8. CRAP!!!! For some reason I can't get into my own blog to post. Hope my geek friend will be able to help me out!!