Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilting Continues

 DD# 2 will now have 2 quilts to pick from on her BD.
I used a little of the leftovers from the front to the back.

Mason and I have been quilting out tails off this week. I am finishing up the binding on an additional quilt tonight with one more taped to the den floor ready for pin basting while the little ones nap tomorrow. If all goes well I should be caught back up by next week.

I haven't been able to do a thing on this weeks challenge, our desktop PC has decided it doesn't want to cooperate this week, fine with me, I have plenty to do already. Sorry for all the short posts this week. I need lots more sleep now that the grands are back in full swing. Hope to get my stamina back up soon!!!


  1. I guess you do need lots of sleep now the grands are back ! Wow you and Mason have been busy. Debby, I have just kept putting off the cleaning up of my PC too *boring*, would much rather have a Computer Wizard come in and click click click, All Finsished, for me ! Now to find me one ? LOL
    Love all the colours in this Quilt.

  2. So beautiful! I envy your crafting talents; keep it up! (but do take that nap...haha!)

  3. I really like the patchwork at the back. Looks really nice. Lucky DD.

  4. Are the grands all hiding under that quilt?? I don't know how you get a THING done when you caring for the grands - be kind to yourself!!

  5. Thanks ladies, When I have the little ones I only work when they nap and after they go home in the evenings. I have had the past 10 weeks off for the most part while DD#1 was on maternaty leave, DD #1 is a teacher so having the summers off, spring break and such helps a ton!!. Kara I do have every Thursday, Friday and some Saturday's year round.