Friday, February 17, 2012

 Well the photo's loaded all out of order, grr This is the end result of organizing what I hope will be quilts some day. All the patterns are in sheet protectors then organized by holidays, baby, teen etc. Once I land on a pattern I want to do I can add it to the quilt kit box and I am ready to roll.
I spent most of a day pulling patterns for magazines I need to stop hanging on to.

Organizing magazines patterns and free patterns I downloaded from the Internet took up a big chunk of a day a week or so ago. I learned from my scrapbooking mistakes to NOT buy every magazine on the stands!!! But still I had a pretty good pile of quilting and sewing magazines I needed to pitch out. The problem I was running into was I would see a pattern I wanted to make but forget what magazine it was in. I would spend hours looking to find the project then finally just give up.
Everything is now housed in two binders, one for quilts the other for project sewing. I have sub categories in the binders for holiday's, babies and such. It will be much easier to find what I really like and want to do without digging around for hours.

I made really good progress yesterday on my scrap/sewing room, after DD # 3 ended up not having to work, unexpected free time but I did miss having Kara for the day!! I think another 24 hours should do the trick. Last night on my way to DD# 2 jewelry party (UGH) I dropped off 3 bags of scrap/sewing goodies to a friend who is in charge of doing crafts for a nursing home in our area, it was my second drop off to her. I love that my wasteful spending of the past is finding good homes!!!! The "Traveling Sewing Box" Is filling up nicely with some cute patterns and fabric for one lucky winner. I have 3 more boxes I have been sorting into for friends who could use some excess scrapbooking supplies I have. So far nothing has gone in the trash other than magazines I destroyed getting the good stuff out of.

Over the years of teaching scrapbook classes, retreats, doing workshops, and some design work I had PILES of really nice things for scrapbooking that I could never in several lifetimes use up. This challenge has given me the kick in the rump I needed to pare it all down but get it to folks who can use it so no waste is going on. I just might get to post a few before and after photo's tonight. WARNING it will not be pretty!! I do have Kara today but since it's just she and I maybe she will accidentally take a nap so I can work a little more today. I need this challenge to be over by the weekend as I have so much on my platter that has to be done next week that can't be put off any longer.

How are you doing with your decluttering, is it giving you a peek into where you might be overspending? This week has been a real eye opener for me.


  1. I have had and still had the same issues with recipes as you are with your patterns, Debby. I have been otherwise occupied since I pulled all the bedding out of the closet, so hoping to get started on that tomorrow. Then we still have all the reg stuff to do surrounding all the extras, so we not? Glad to hear you had some "extra" time, if we can call it that ... lol

  2. Ugh, I'm dreading the craft room decluttering challenge.! I used to work in the papercrafts industry and have far too much stuff. Patterned paper is usually my worst downfall. At least I didn't buy any of that at the craft show today! You're doing really well with your decluttering:)

  3. Good for you! I very *rarely* buy magazines... I think I can find pretty much the same stuff on the internet, so I save a few $$ and google instead. lol!