Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pure Madness

Here is what I spent the morning washing.

Can I just say Friday was not a stellar day!!! Kara is sick with a UTI as well as tested positive for the flu, on top of that she developed an allergy to one of the drugs.... broken out in hives, dirty diapers ever 30 minutes or more and watching to make sure her breathing was OK. It was a LONG day around our house. At one point she went in the bouncy ball house to play but then wouldn't move, she looked up at me saying nasty, nasty. I am thinking crap another dirty diaper but instead it was the balls in the house that were the problem. I do remember Tyler telling me a few days ago that the little girls were being bad and spitting apple juice at each other...I took away their sippy cups but failed to check to see if they had made a mess. Seems the spitting party happened in the bounce house, everything was stuck together. GRRRR, the balls are now all clean, the house has been wiped down and 2 garbage bags of balls have been removed from the house, who needs all those balls!!! I do have the extra balls stored in the garage for now but I see in the near future they may well be headed to goodwill. I really am to old for some of this crap.
Hubby is headed out this morning for another adventure up north.  I think he is looking forward to getting on a job site so he can rest. Ha!!  For the past 2 weeks most nights he has a basket of stuff to sort that I am not sure whether is trash or treasure. 
The weekend will be full of lots of catch up sewing.  Valentine pillows for Tyler, hand work on a quilt, pin baste a quilt, working on quilting an additional quilt and a plan of attack in the scrap/sewing room for next weeks challenge.
I plan on working in a nap today as well as catching up on some blog reading to motivate me to keep on keeping on!!!


  1. Debby you must have a surmountable amount of energy to keep on as you do. I am with on the balls, lol, to the Goodwill they go ! You sound like you have an extremely busy weekend ahead of you; don't forget some "me" time for yourself.

  2. I agree I don't know how you do it. All I can say is that your kids and grand kids don't know how lucky they are.

    Try and take it wasy this weekend.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Oh dear. That doesn't sound like a good time to me. Try to enjoy some of the weekend :)

  4. Oh no! I can't imagine washing all those balls. I'd be sending them packing too! Hope your weekend is at least somewhat relaxing.

  5. I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award - rules on my page xx

  6. How fun to have a ball bounce house! Yes, I imagine dried up apple juice did not smell very good either.

    Poor Kara!! Hope she is feeling better soon!

  7. Oh Debby, you are practically a saint!! I hope your day improves & Kara feels better soon! ((hugs))

  8. Thanks ladies, Kara will be rechecked at the end of next week to see how things are going, she did have the flu shot so hopefully she won't have to hard a time of it. The whole family had their shots except me :( lots of hand washing going on!! Ha.
    Ms. Thrifty, thank you so much I will work on getting the award up and the questions tomorrow, how cool is that!!

  9. Ahh...the joys of motherhood.