Monday, February 13, 2012

Productivity Challenge Week # 3

 I would rather post photo's of my worn out lunch room lady bra's than show this mess but it's what's required to get in the drawing for Carla's cute prize!! This is my scrap/sewing room as you are looking in the door.
 And a view from the back side of the room.
 The closet is just as bad.
 DD# 1 is redecorating her dinning room and was ready to put this side board to the curb. I have it as far as the short hallway upstairs to possibly be added as storage to my "Room of Sin"
And here is where my fellow bloggers come in. This is the start of "The Traveling Sewing Box" I am putting together.

How bad is this mess? I think an award should go out to whoever has the biggest, ugliest mess to clean up this month, I would give you other ladies a run for your money!!!! I took the before photo's at the end of January after I knew this challenge would be starting. Since that time I have worked an hour or two here and there getting started on this craziness. I am NO WHERE near done, but progress has been made.

 My room had lots of problem area's that was making clean up a nightmare where the sewing came in. The scrapbook supplies are easy to keep up with and put away, not so much on the sewing. When I added sewing to this room I didn't give enough thought to how I was setting it up and how I would use the space. Basically I am a TO GO quilter/sewing goddess. I had thought I would do most of the sewing in this room but when I branched out to quilting the counter space was just not big enough, pins and carpet don't go well together and fabrics I had bought for quilts were getting mixed in with stash fabric. 

For the most part sewing goes on at the kitchen table, when I am finished with a quilt or project I throw it in the room (literaly) and pull the next project  out. With what I have learned about how I work from scrapbooking for so many years I think I have a handle on how the room needs to be organized and set up.
For the next week I will update the progress, some has already been done but lots more will be happening this week. I am also helping DD#1 organize herself  for going back to work :( 2 weeks earlier than we expected. It's gonna be a crazy busy week.

Now here is where you guys come in, as I am sorting and orginizing I have been asking around if anyone I know would like a little fabric, patterns or how to books, not to many takers I am sad to say. Over the weekend I ran into what I thought was a brilliant idea over here   Check out her post from Friday. I have started putting back fabric for my "Traveling Sewing Box" to give away to one of my followers from a drawing on Friday, I will get it in the mail Saturday morning. Here are the rules.

1.) Be a follower of this blog

2.) Leave a comment any day this week that you would like to have a turn with the "Traveling Sewing Box"

3.) Be willing to take what you would like from the box then add something from your own stash you have no need for and pass it on to one of  your blog followers.

How simple it that!!!! I wish I had time to make some cute blog candy but for now I am burning the candle at both ends so a "Traveling Sewing Box" is the best I can do.


  1. Debby, the Travelling Sewing Box sounds like it is going to be so much fun for those participating. Alas I am not crafty and too far away, lol.
    Your sewing room is by far not as bad as my basement, and I have tons of dust and spiders down there joining in along with the mess. I think the next 2 weeks will be lots of work for all of us.

  2. Well, let's see that worn out lunch lady bra, Debby! ;) lol! You definitely have your work cut out for you but I bet it'll look fabulous when it's done!! I need something like that hutch from our dd to store my crap. Er, uh, fabric in!!

  3. Yikes! But you can do it and remember how fantastic it'll be when you're all done. Love the idea of the travelling fabric box. Wish I had some fabric to throw in there lol. I'm going to order some up soon and then I'm sure I'll be complaining about organizing it and keeping it tidy too lol.

  4. I am tempted to laugh Debbie, but think how wonderful it will be when you have finished xx

  5. Wow but I love all of the craft space that you have!! I use a closet in our guest room for my craft room:)

  6. That's great sideboard! I would totally used that in my craft space too.