Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons on Sale

 You should make some dehydrated lemonade.
 First wash the lemons really well.
 Then slice them up into 1/4 slices. ALWAYS wear a protective glove, the best money can buy!!! Cutting off a finger or two is not cool.
 When you get bored with the process juice some lemons the old fashion way. I had a yearning to use hubby's grandmothers juicer in the middle of this process so I did. The lemonade was delicious!!!
 Then throw them all in the dehydrator overnight.
 And like magic 2 bags of lemons turns into only 1/2 a gallon once its dehydrated. To make the lemonade in the glass shown in the first photo. I added  1/3 glass of warm water with 3 lemon slices and let it set maybe 20 minutes or so, then added sugar, filled the glass with cold water and ice, perfect!
Finally got a card made and the baby gift in the mail, whee, one more thing off the to do list.

This is going to be a really short post!! I have been at it in the scrap/sewing room most of the afternoon and evening after spending all morning setting in ridicules traffic trying to get some errands done. I will hit the "Room of sin" again in the morning and hopefully finish it off by Friday night....maybe. I have Kara for the next two days and maybe Karsyn and Mason as well on Friday. If I have any energy left I can finish it in the evenings. I am thinking Sunday will be a more realistic goal!! HA My body and mojo are telling me slow down, I think I might better pay attention!


  1. What an adorable baby gift and card! You are very talented.

  2. Debby, yes slow down or you will be finding yourself being out of commission like me for 1-2 days, and you know how much people like us "hate" just sitting? Love the card you made, but then so far love everything so far I have seen you make. I must look into a dehydrating? as I noticed you do your carrots as well? the flavor is retained? as I am thinking Herbs? Have a bit of "me" time for yourself today.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    North of Wiarton, Yes the food tastes exactly the same, it looks funny after dehydrated but once it is rehydrated you would never know. Herbs work great as well. I LOVE my dehydrator!! Check out this site she is amazing dehydtrate 2 store.

  4. Love, love that card, you are so talented. As Cindy said take it easy,


  5. Oh what lovely things. So, can you make lemonade with the dehydrated lemons? xx

  6. Ms Thrifty, yes you can, Thats why I bought 4 bags while they were BOGO sale. Since I can't use a pressure canner on my stove I dehydrate lots of stuff that can't be water bath canned, saves us lots of $$ and makes meals super fast to put together since everythin.g is already sliced and diced

  7. Do tell me more Debbie - I bought a dehydrator when we tried to go raw, but I haven't used it much. what can I put in it and then what do I do with the stuff. They aren't big in the UK. x

  8. You make cards too (picking my jaw up off the floor)?? And dehydrate?? I want to be YOU when I grow up!!

  9. Ms. Thrifty, check out a web site "dehydrate 2 store" this lady rocks, she has tons of how to video's that will show you more than you would ever want to know about dehydrating.

    Jane, Yep, I try to make all of our cards but my stock is getting really low, I need to find the time to work on cards for a few days to have put back. I LOVE to dehydrate, I can't pressure can on my store but dehydrating makes up for that in most cases. It's water bath canning only for me right now

    Thanks ladies for all the kudos!!

  10. YUM! I love lemonade! That baby card is sooo sweet, Debby!! You're so talented!! :)