Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sewing Bliss

 I was able to finish the first quilt DD#2 will have to pick from for her upcoming birthday. As you can see our winds were so bad today I couldn't get a good photo but this will give you an idea of how it turned out.
 I think this quilt is funky and modern enough for her to cuddle up with. It's what I concider a good lap size 56x75
 I used some leftover fabric from the front on the backing, just that little bit kept me from having to buy more fabric. Money saved!! There are not spots on the back of the quilt, that's just the sun peeking in!!
 I also finished up Tyler's Valentines pillows along with an additional set for our home.
I changed up the pattern a tiny bit by adding opposite fabric on each of the bands. NO COST was involved, I used leftover fabric from one of my new organized fabric bins.

With the wind chill tonight our temperature is hovering right at 0 degrees, so much for the 70 degree weather we have been enjoying. So glad the wood stove is back up and working, setting at the fire was a nice place to be working on the hand sewing to finish up all the projects today. It was great to just sit in a quite house, relax, and catch up on some sewing. I still have piles to do but for today 2 projects are off the list!! If it wasn't so darn cold I would get on the floor and pin baste the next quilt to be worked up, instead it's some hot carmel cider and the "Steve Jobs" book for me tonight. With Kara having the flu we are cancelling Sunday dinner, there is no need to expose the rest of the family. I am thinking a pot of bean soup and fresh bread will hit the spot tomorrow.  The girls can pick up a to go meal from me if they want a night off from cooking.
Mrs. Thrifty over at this blog gave me the "Versatile Blog Award" today!!! Thank you so much Mrs. Thrifty, I will get on the post tomorrow and share all that was requested. May have to do 2 posts tomorrow!!


  1. Oooo I absolutely love the quilt - clever you xx

  2. Love the Quilt and the Heart Pillows, Debby. Will trade you weather in a a dime as we have snow drifts up to my knees this morning. Congrats on the "Versatile Blog Award", you go girl! LOL. I made a pot of bean soup yesterday. It was so good I think I will have to make another to go along with Rob's lunches for the week. Great day to you ...

  3. Ha, I just saw your post of bean soup North of Wiarton, I am headed to the store today to see if we have bean mix like you used!! I am just using great northern beans with a big ham bone from the freezer. The heart pillows were made will all leftovers, I think I am going to like my new way of doing things in the sewing room if I ever get it finished!
    Thanks Ms Thrifty, I like how the quilt turned out, can't wait to finish up the second one to see which she will pick.

  4. I love your quilt and the cushions!
    Cant believe you have had temperatures of 70degrees, its been really cold over here in the UK.
    Hope Kara is on the mend soon.

  5. As always your sewing projects are gorgeous - that combination of pink and turquoise is yummy! I'm glad its cold out - you deserve a night in your chair with Steve Jobs as opposed to being on your hands and knees pinning away:)

  6. Love the quilt but the pillows are amazing... WOW :-)

  7. Thanks ladies, I love having the time to sew and play around, so blessed!!! Tyler loved his pillows for home, the boy is into decorating for every holiday!!

  8. LOVE the quilt!! It's beautiful! Love the colours!!! The pillows are SOO cute!