Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Each Day

 This Is what DD#1 and I purged from her closet yesterday. Today we finished her bathroom, linen closet, and hall closet. She is in good shape now so I can concentrate on my own mess!! 
 Last week I began sorting out fabric for quilts. Each of these containers now hold one or more quilt kits. I did have to buy a few more containers than I had on hand but at least they were 40% off. I so wanted to get this done I just might have paid full price!
 How yummy is this fabric. After I pulled the fabric together I hunted down a pattern that I might like to use. This one will be a table runner for spring and a summer quilt for MEEEEEE
 Once I found the pattern to use it went in the box with the quilt fabric so when I am ready to work it's all in one place.
Remember that closet disaster from yesterday? The quilt kits are now in the bottom of the empty closet. I went all out and even vacuumed.

Kody Jackson our grand dog is loving the new Valentine pillows I made. How sweet is this big old baby!!!

I am moving VERY slow today, yesterday's marathon decluttering in DD#1 closet kicked my butt. I should have taken photo's after we had finished, it looks wonderful!!!! They have a new house with the super fancy closets like you see on TV, all the wood built ins for shoes, sweaters, socks, dresses, even a pull out rod to hang your outfit for the next day.

I give up, headed to bed for some reason part of my post keeps going away, we must have a connection problem tonight,GRRRRR


  1. Wow, great job! I loved seeing your before post of your craft room as mine is like that too :)
    Also love your labrador. I had a black labrador when I was a child and he was a wonderful dog.

  2. You've got the clearing bug too Debbie = good work! I am itching to start a quilt but I have never made one and not sure where to start. Yours are so pretty xx

  3. Wow you are doing your DD as well as your own, Debby! Lucky girl she is, and very tired Mom forsure. Perfect drawers for the quilt kits. Must of been the vacuuming that did your back in? Couldn't be everything else you have been doing, LOL. After Monday, I had to take yesterday off, as I was hurting too much, but I did take before pictures for Wk #3. Back at er' today hopefully. Be kind to yourself.

  4. Wow, you've been busy!! I really need to catch that cleaning bug too...instead I'm sitting here and reading everyone's blogs :)

  5. you are such a busy girl you are putting me to shame. I need to get going with my decluttering, though I did do something today, and have put it on tomorrows blog post.

    Cute photo of that doggie.


  6. Way to go! That pup is super sweet. I l-o-v-e dogs!!

  7. That puppy has it made. Too cute of a photo. And wow, did you organize BIG time!

  8. Thanks ladies, we love our Cody Jackson, he is DD#1 dog so our very first grand dog, he is a doll baby, has no idea he is really a dog!! Labs are so darn sweet.

  9. LOVE that fabric!! I've seen it so many times on Etsy and am always tempted to grab it!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!