Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day One Pantry Insurance

 I did take my own advise and cleaned out the kitchen pantry over the weekend, then quit. The weather and football games were just too enticing to keep me stuck in the kitchen. I will work on the rest of the cabinets during the week.
 I forgot to take a before shot of the bakers rack but here is a during the process photo. Hubby's popcorn popper was moved out of the den a couple of weeks ago as little hands just wouldn't stop messing with it, it needed a new home. Ditto for other large appliances and cookbooks.
 Why is it the phone rings a dozen times when I am on the floor trying to clean?  Oh to have a room lined with shelves for all the excess kitchen gadgets and cookbooks.
These are the cookbooks that I weeded through to determine what could stay on the bakers rack close at hand in the kitchen. The rest will be sorted one more time. Some might go to goodwill the rest will be moved to the upstairs bookcase today.

Are Y'all ready to get this challenge started? I still have lots more cleaning out to do around the kitchen, all in good time.

This weeks bonus challenge is to make a recipe you haven't tried before. I am sure everyone has things you have cut out, written on the back of a napkin, or pinned on the PC. Be sure to share with the rest of us if you complete the challenge so you can get you name in the hat and additional time for this weeks blog candy! DD#1 and I will be working together on the bonus challenge tonight over at her house for dinner. Sure hope the recipe turns out good or we will have 3 kiddo's, her hubby, and a 100 pound Lab turning on us.

I pulled my weekly grocery money from the ATM yesterday and got the weekly meal plan together. I hope to tackle and additional cabinet/area in the kitchen today that needs some work and do my tiny bit of grocery shopping. Before I sign off here is our meal plan

Monday - Leftover Chicken noodle soup
Tuesday - Pasta with Cajun Chicken and Artisan bread
Wednesday - Baked pork chops, veggies and biscuits
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Breakfast for supper
Saturday - chili
Sunday - Beef roast, potato and carrots, desert??


  1. Looking good! I made a new potato casserole recipe last night. I sorta ad libbed though- it called for cream of soup and shredded cheese. My goal was to get rid of a can of cheddar soup about to go bad in the pantry so I subbed that for the other 2 ingredients. Not bad. Angela

    1. Thats what at's all about Angela, use up what we have, make do, and buy on sale!! Way to go.

  2. I made 2 new recipes yesterday but that was still September.
    I'll be following you and trying to keep up

    1. I say that dinner on your blog, it looked so good!

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