Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back Pantry

 This shelving unit should be packed and stacked with home canned food. After a summer of a total busted garden I will be having to buy things we usually grow. I am thankful for the little we still have from last year.
 All the cabinets in the laundry room (back pantry) have been unloaded, wiped down, then organized. Talk about a huge job!!!
 Back up snacks and drink mixes
Extra cake mixes, frosting's, condiments and some cereal
 One of our neighbours has a bay leaf tree (not sure if that's what it's called!) This branch is now dry enough to put up
 I have more bay leaves than I will be able to use!! I surprised the sweet lady who shared all these bay leaves with a plate of homemade cookies
Kara and I finished up yesterday with some chocolate chip muffins before falling into bed.

Note to self. DO NOT spend 9 hours cleaning out cabinets knowing one of the grands will be having a sleep over, UGHHHHH I had a bugger of a time getting what has turned into a "Cookie Factory" day after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Kara woke up a dozen times last night sitting up looking around our room trying to get her bearings. After assuring her she was still with nanny she would lay that sweet (sometimes) head down on my shoulder and tell me "Nanny I rike you" Awwww.

I "rike" Kara too but tonight I am gonna "rike" my bed even more!!!  I have lost count of how many dozens of cookies we have cranked out today. I have one more batch to finish tonight before I shut the cookie factory down.

To add insult to injury when Kara and I went up for her nite, nite bath I heard an odd noise in my room. What in the WORLD!!!! We had water pouring out of the hole that the heat pump installers had put in our bedroom ceiling. HOLY COW!! Being it was Wednesday night (church night) I wasn't able to hear back from the contractor until 9:30 PM. Turn the upstairs until off we will be there first thing in the morning. Sure enough they were here bright and early to make the repairs in a pipe or something and will be back on Monday to make sure everything is working as it should. We not only have a hole in the ceiling now but also a whole heck of a lot of water damage around that hole. Guess it's a good thing the sheet rock fella hasn't shown up to make the repairs yet. One step forward 2 steps backward

 I am going in with some other GF's to provide a meal tomorrow night for another friend who lost her Brother -in-Law yesterday. Such a sad, sad situation. He was doing yard work on the side to help earn extra money. When he didn't come home when his wife thought he should have she and their 8 month pregnant DD went looking for him. Sadly they found he had passed away at his truck door before working on the lawn job he had picked up. This same family lost one of their sons just a few month's ago. Our friend will be hosting most of the out of town family and friends until after the funeral. Since I am the only one at home full time I took on deserts and breads. Today was cookies, tomorrow will be breads, along with the little girls. It's going to be another full day.

On a brighter note we decided on a roof contractor today, thank goodness!!! In what I hope will be only 2 weeks I will be seeing the last of roofers. Of course we will be seeing just about the last of the money in our home improvement budget as well :(


  1. I like what your doing with your pantry! I'm going to try to figure it into my crazy schedule! And just think how all this home construction/remodeling is almost over!! At least it will be completely done before the holidays!!! Sorry to hear about your friends family. It's a sad time. It's really kind of you to help out with the desserts.

  2. I "rike" your pantry pictures! Makes me want to work on mine!

  3. Very nice...agree with Debbie J...mine is just awful!!!

  4. You looked all stocked and ready! The cookies look delicious!

    Home improvement projects have emptied our bank accounts. Time to re-build them! :)!

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