Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Mess Can Wait

 The mess of sewing in the kitchen is still waiting for some attention. We had our pumpkin patch, petting farm, hayride yesterday afternoon. By the time we got done with that and I had dinner with a friend and her grand along with a quick stop at Hobby Lobby I didn't return home until 10:30 PM. Karsyn now wants a cow for her Birthday but if we won't get her the cow a baby goat will be OK
 Manson too fell in love with the cow but settled with feeding the goats.
 DD#1 and her family
 And DD#3 with her family. DD#2 as always was out of town for a ball game :(
 A cold raw rainy day didn't keep us away. The grands could care less
 Kara let her Daddy do the heavy lifting
 DD#1 and her crew picking out the perfect pumpkin
 Sunday afternoon football, Tyler scored his first ever touchdown
 He was so proud to finally make it to the goal post.
Sunday morning started with Karsyn's Birthday Spa party. The little girls always give each other a BIG hug when they are together.
I think AJ the beagle is ready to run away from home. She doesn't like to hang out by herself in such a messy house!!! I have to agree with her, this place is a hot mess and I am sick of running the roads!!
With all of the weekend activities I haven't been able to do anything other than take out the stinky trash and put fresh sheets on the bed. I thought I could get back to my factory tomorrow morning but after checking the calender I see I will have DD#1's kiddo's in the AM while she attends Tyler's teacher conference. The afternoon will be filled with baking for hubby. He called this morning to ask that I send him a jacket and coat to TX as the weather has turned off cool. I can't very well send a box without a taste of home in it.
Karsyn's party turned out so cute today!!! I will share later this week some of the sweet photo's of our girls. Who knew you could take 6 toddlers (3 and under) to a Spa and have such a relaxing fun time. Note to self, start checking garage sales for a pedi chair!!! Ha Just kidding.
AJ the beagle and I are off to an early bedtime. The activities of the weekend have had me on the roads, tractors, hay wagons, bleachers, but no Spa chair for us Nanny's. I am so tired my eye's are crossing!!


  1. What, an all-powerful Grandma can't get her favorite grankids a cow? :)...

  2. So far, our grands have been happy to enjoy the neighbors cows, horses and donkeys. Hope that won't change for a while. If it does, it may be goats for them too!

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