Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Project and Recipe

 With all the LARGE spending we have done on our home over the past two months I can't justify the cost of painters for the interior rooms. I am also tired of the wood stained mantel at the fireplace, that alone was going to cost $200.00 to have stripped, sanded, and painted.
 It's hard to see all the nicks, hand prints, general wear and tear on our family room walls. Trust me it needs a coat or two of paint.
 Sooooo, I plan on painting each of our downstairs rooms. I would love to have everything finished before Thanksgiving but I know that might be a lofty goal. For now I WILL do the family room, entrance hall, and breakfast room. Tomorrow morning I will hit it hard. I have forewarned the big girls that Nanny is on a mission, do not make plans for play dates at my house for a few days!!
Sunday peewee football continues to fill our Sunday afternoons. The game should be flag football for these little guys but as the season goes on they are beginning to tackle. They do get a penalty flag if the take an opponent down but that doesn't seem to bother them a bit. Tyler was double teamed in this photo but jumped up proud as he could be that he held on to the ball when he went down. There are just some things I don't understand regarding boys, big or small!!

Ahhh, for a change the house is quite. Nothing better than a relaxing Sunday night with a good book and a homemade snack. Tomorrow morning and for the next few days I will be crazy busy working on painting walls, trim, ceilings, and the fireplace mantel. I HATE to paint!! I mean really and truly I hate every single thing about painting. But.....We just can't afford to continue to fork out money on home improvements that we (I) can do. :(

Tonight I tried a new recipe from the piles of recipe's I pulled out of all the old magazines, flyer's, basically piles of "I should try recipes". Taste of Home "Herbed Slow Cooker Chicken" is a real winner!! Super tender, moist with just a touch of spice. Along with the chicken we (meals on wheels for my buddy) had wild rice, asparagus, and banana bread. This recipe will be a hit with Hubby and the big kiddo's, might be a bit to spicy for the grands. However Karsyn can tear up some spicy chicken wings with her Daddy. I used 4 boneless chicken breast instead of bone in breasts. The spice rub was just enough for 4 breasts. I would have to double/triple the spice rub and chicken for the whole family. If your looking for something new to throw in the crock pot you won't be disappointed with this one!! The big kids Sunday dinner "to go" was chili, banana bread, and cookies. Figure they could make corn bread or whatever they want on their own

Off to bed with AJ the beagle, we need our beauty sleep for what will be a long hard week ahead


  1. Have a good night, Debby. That is a lot of painting to get done before Thanksgiving. I have a couple of rooms that need paint, too. xoDiana

  2. You have some grunt work ahead of you! I can't wait to see it finished though, Debby!! :)

  3. Oh you will be tired up for a couple of play dates taking all that on.. recipe sounds good.