Saturday, October 5, 2013

Football Snack

 NOT MY PHOTO, I forgot to take a picture of our creation

Today was just too hot for traditional football snacks. Kara and I decided to give semi homemade Hummus a try.Our DD's favorite hummus from the grocery is olive flavor with a price tag of over $6.00 for a small container. I knew Kara and I could beat that price and do it without all the additives.

 Here is our made up very unscientific recipe

2 cans Garbanzos beans drained (save the liquid)
Some olive oil, maybe 1/4 cup
Some lemon juice adds brightness to the taste
Little Kosher salt
Ditto on garlic powder
Few shakes of ground Cumin - didn't have curry powder

Kara loves using the hand mixer but.....the beans started flying out of the bowl when she got started.
Not to be defeated I pulled out the hand potato masher. Who knew this tool would be a toddlers delight, she was mashing with gusto. Once we had those beans nice and mushy we went back to the hand mixer. Along the way I added a little of the liquid from the beans to loosen the dip up a bit.

Now for the olives. We used green and black olives. Did you know the hand chopper thingy is another toddler fav? Kara went to town with that chopper. In no time flat she had those olives chopped to perfection.

Dumped the olives in the bowl and back to the mixer one more time. Humm, looked good but what about the taste? OH YA baby, it was perfect. Kara of course needed to taste test as well, her eyes lite right up, "Nanny dis is lummy" Sure is missy prissy and you did it all by yourself!!

We packed that stuff up in three separate containers, one for here at home, one for DD's, the last was for some CRAZY friends who were having a garage sale today (I hate doing garage sales!) She was so excited when we went on our deliver run insisting "Me did it" as we gave out the containers.

We were back in time for a lunch of leftover baked chicken, green beans, of course hummus. Kara didn't even bother with the pita chips she ate the hummus with a spoon. I think I have a new healthy toddler side dish!!

The one thing I would change next time is to throw everything in a blender or food processor, it would be ready in a skinny minute!! But if like me you have toddlers around go ahead and mess up every gadget in the kitchen, its worth all that dish washing (with help of course) for a morning of kitchen memories.

Anybody else have some pint size kitchen help this weekend? From my experience with little ones around for the past 36 years kiddo's who help in the kitchen are more likely to be adventures in what they eat when they help "did it"

Back to the Saturday "To Do" list. Whats on the list for today? Watching all of the SEC games!! Roll Tide

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  1. 1 1/2 year old Andie is with us this afternoon and I am making pizza for supper but I don't think she will be helping me.
    I don't like having garage sales but I do like buying bargains at them

    I organized the grands clothes closet this morning and got a big laugh when I found a shirt in Tornado Elizabeth's size that says "quiet as a mouse" on the front. It does NOT suit her at all. It would probably fit your Kara but I don't think it suits her either. :)