Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lots of Goodies

 I couldn't pass up at least one quilt store on our trip. They had the funniest quilt hanging of Southern Sayings that came from their self published book "Southern Pillow Sayings" . I spent part of today working on one of the pillows, hope to finish it tomorrow!
 My travel buddy surprised me with this little jewel.
 How clever is this, an old door knob with a pipe and note holder added to create a recipe card holder.
 Not a very good photo of a new Christmas wreath and garland. I am thinking it might go in the new powder room.
 This tea set was one of those weak moments in time! Surely we all have them time from time right? I fell in LOVE with this tea pot at the Tea Plantation. What good is a tea pot without tea mugs? Might as well go for broke and get tea spoons and a used tea bag holder (I have no idea what it's called) 
 A few packs of assorted tea bags from the plantation
 A cute baby quilt pattern and retro child's apron pattern book
 What can I say, I am a sucker for books! So far it's a really interesting story.
 I should have ironed this table runner.....moving on. This is a burlap lined runner with knit stockings on each end. DD#1 wants one just like it but with white mittens for a winter table runner. Sew easy to do once I find a nice weight burlap fabric.
The BEST package of all is were are expecting again!!!! Yepeeee. DD#3 and her hubby will be putting another baby in our arms June 2nd 2014!! Kara and Karsyn both say it's a little girl. What will you name the new baby girls? Karsyn likes "Girl", Kara likes "New Baby". Tyler thinks we have more little girls than we need already!! Mason could care less as long as everyone just leaves him the heck alone. Ha

Pretty nice bag of goodies don't you think? Of course I am sure we can all agree a new baby is the best surprise of all. DD had her first Dr appointment yesterday, all is good thus far. They will watch her iron levels closely to try and avoid all the problems she had at the end of her pregnancy with Kara. She will be seeing ONE Dr during this pregnancy instead of being passed around in a group practice it insure she has better care. We of course are over the moon excited to add another pair of dirty hand prints to the walls, one more set of footsteps among the herd, and more wet hugs and kisses.

I haven't forgot about the Pantry Insurance challenge! Other than eating out during our getaway I have stuck to the Queen of the pantry rules. Purchase only dairy, eggs, and fresh fruit, Keep the spending as low as you can go buy eating from the pantry. I will update how last week turned out tomorrow. Maybe by then I will be back to reality and back on track!! Ha


  1. First, congratulations to your daughter!! How exciting! :) Yay!! Second, I absolutely LOVE that tea set! Soooo sweet!! I'm sure you'll enjoy that set for years!

  2. congrats that is wonderful news another grand baby on the way. We have only seven weeks to go here!!!

    I too love that tea pot and mugs. We too bought tea from the plantation. Was that quilt store down a back street? If so I went to it, can't remember what it was call.

  3. The quilt store was on Richardson Ave. in Summerville, SC. Such a nice group of ladies in the shop and rocing chairs on the front porch> I now you are getting excited over that new baby