Thursday, October 24, 2013

Black Bean Brownies

 I used up some of those black beans today instead of oil in brownies.
 Kara was mixing those brownies like a pro
 I bagged up the rest of the beans into packages of 1/2 cup purred beans and 1 cup whole beans to try additional recipes in the future
 So they hopefully won't get lost in the freezer they are all in a larger zip baggie
 Ahh, Halloween I am done with sewing for you (I think)
I finished the last of 10 kitchen towels today, DD hit me hard for teacher gifts and Boo bags. My stash is down to two, what the heck! Ha

The results for the Black Bean brownies is in. They were just fine. As the video I shared with you yesterday said that using all purred beans would result in a more cake like brownie was correct. Personally I don't care for a gooey brownies so I liked them a lot, the grands were sold, so were a few fiends I used as taste testers. The only one to make a negative comment was DD#1, she thought they were a little dry. DD#3 is prego so she doesn't count, that sweet little butter bean soon to be grand she is carrying around needs more protein and fiber!!

I'm gonna give chocolate cake a try Sunday using black beans, maybe cookies next week. I will share the results.

Had a few money surprises today. First was the roofing company who called this morning letting me know I needed to pay for the shingles and supplies this morning. WHAT?? You said pay the full amount after the work was completed, seems his plans changed, grr I had to scramble around to pay the $2,800.00 as the shingle supplier wouldn't take a personal check by phone. Our home improvement account is in a checking account that we don't have a debit card for. Dog gone I hate when people mess with my banking/budgeting plans. The supplies should be delivered in the morning, installers promise to start and complete the work on Saturday. Time will tell.

Second surprise was we got our annual enrolment package for benefits today. I shouldn't really say surprise as from everything we have been hearing about this WONDERFUL NEW government health care program was going to be a mess. For 2014 our premiums will be double for health care, nice....... In 2015 all bets are off as hubby's company has already published that if they decide to continue to provide our "Cadillac" plans it will cost the company 4.5 MILLION dollars in penalties alone. I don't understand how a deductible of $4,000.00 is considered a "Cadillac" Leave it to the government to figure out how to get even more money from WORKING Americans.

Hubby almost blew a gasket when he saw we now have coverage for infertility. Seeing as how he had his man stuff taken care of back 30 years ago when we decided 3 children was all we could afford. I had my girl stuff removed 13 years ago. Now here is what we are wondering. Will this new insurance "requirement" be willing to replace all those organs we had removed so many years ago so we can reproduce at our age? Humm, What a shame, to see all the money being wasted in DC that WORKING Americans can't afford to pay for.

Any one else running into higher health insurance premiums for next year?


  1. I have never used black beans in my brownies, I should give it a try :)

    The government right now is such a mess, I honestly don't know how it got this bad, it's quite sad to see.

  2. I loved the black bean brownies I made, however the rest of the fam weren't buying in on them