Thursday, October 17, 2013

Padding the Pantry

 Kara and I went to the grocery today for milk, banana's, and flour tortilla's. The store had an unadvertised special on Earl Grey tea, BOGO, no way could I pass on that deal so in the buggy 6 boxes went. At the checkout counter there was a clearance buggy, the diapers caught my eye. WoHoo they were marked down to $7.00 a package!! SOLD!!! Regular price is $16.99
Kara took a nap today!!! I mean a real nap, as in she slept for over two hours. Holy cow, the kid hasn't napped like that since she was a baby. When DD came by to pick her up Kara was still asleep, we both grabed for the camera at the same time to document the event!! Ha

I broke my own rules for "Queen of the Pantry Insurance" challenge today with the extra purchase of tea and diapers, both deals were just too good for a frugal gal to pass up on. Total spent $30.12, total saved $29.37

Six boxes of tea seem like too much? Na, I drink at least one cup of tea each day. In the summer iced tea with hot tea some mornings or evenings. In the winter hot tea, might be morning, noon, or night. There are only 20 bags per box, that's less that a month's worth of tea per box. The best used by date is May 2016, I can tell you it will be long gone by then. Now we were not out of tea, far from it but BOGO on tea comes around just a few times a year so I stocked up.

Diapers...With Mason in diapers full time, Karsyn part time, Kara hit or miss (more miss than hit), and a new grand on its way we go through a whole lot of diapers. This is not the brand I really like but at 1/2 price I can "Make Do"!!

Finding too good to pass up sales are one of the drawbacks of No/Low spend or pantry challenges sometimes. I would rather do a little cheating now on good deals than pass it up just to crow about how little I did spend for the month. Ha

This is the season for stocking up on so many things for the holiday's and beyond. If your looking to build your pantry keep your eyes open for the unadvertised sales, weekly sales flyer, and coupons. You can score big on baking supplies before and even after Christmas. Our grocery was stocking turkey's and hams today as Kara and I wondered around the store. I will hold out until the rock bottom prices on both are run then stuff the freezer with what I know we will use before the Easter sales. We love turkey and ham, with a family our size they give me a whole lotta bang for my buck. Sunday dinner of ham over the winter is a treat, using up the leftovers and that ham bone for even more meals is where the real bang for the buck comes in. Turkey is another family favorite. We are not too much into casseroles and other dishes using leftover turkey but turkey sandwiches for a few days is even better than the big family meal IMO. Which reminds me I need to start working on the freezers to make room!!

Anybody else finding good deals at the grocery? Are you having any luck building up the pantry from your regular weekly grocery budget?


  1. These are great deals! My challenge is suffering too... I just couldn't pass a really nice deal on all natural chicken or butter for $1.88...

  2. Great deals!! :) I haven't been grocery shopping this week, i'm sick and don't care. lol! Plus we have lots of food in the house... BUT, a few weeks ago I bought 3 turkeys and one of them was a 13lb'er we used for Thanksgiving and I paid under $10.00 for it!

  3. I do not build much in our pantry...we just eat out too much to keep too much here...BUT, I do try to be frugal with my shopping and this is steadily getting tougher. Changed wheat bread for a cheaper price and it tasted cheaper too, so probably back to the $3.29 loaf that they run for 2 for $5 occasionally and I freeze one.

  4. In our area I am noticing a trend with packages of regular white sugar. Usually sold as 5lbs, they are now becoming 4lbs. Some sale! I was able to pick up some 5 lb. bags at a great price. I'm guessing flour will be next.