Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Pillar (pillow)

 I might need to explain this Southern phrase. "The Lord don't like ugly" has nothing to do with how someone looks on the outside. It's all about what people say or do, it's about the ugly on the inside that comes out. I got to witness ugly today while waiting in line at the post office. I hate long lines as much as anyone else but I don't show my rump in public. The lady way back in the line was just plain UGLY!!
I played around with some of the fabric this afternoon that I picked up last month while in the mountains. Not sure yet what I will do with these 16 patch blocks. Its a mixture of "Chloe's closet" by Moda, "Storybook" by Windham Fabrics, along with other cute 1930 retro fabrics. Might just hang on to this quilt for around the house, not sure if anyone else would LOVE the fabric as much as I do!

My motor is running in low gear today. I think I have a vacation hangover! Ha This morning was spent running around town on errands, YUCK! Then working with the big girls on our calenders that are filling up fast for the next 3 month's. I am trying hard to keep all the holiday "doings" down to just doing what we really love. I hate being so crazy busy that we can't just relax and enjoy the season. Seems so early to be thinking along those lines until I looked at that calender!!

Pantry happenings? Not much going on other than eating from the pantry. Last weeks spending was a big fat ZERO!!! $100.00 savings from last week went in the mason jar, this weeks $100.00 has been reloaded into my zippy wallet. Kara and I will make a grocery run this week for milk, eggs and whatever fruit she wants. I have held off on any baking until I have her tomorrow as she LOVES helping in the kitchen, it's a messy job but worth the extra clean up.

Has anyone been able to do any stocking up yet this month? Remember the goal is at least two weeks worth of all meals put back as your pantry insurance. Off for now AJ the Beagle is ready for her dinner.


  1. I fully understand that saying...sad to watch people at times.

    Love your pillow!

  2. I LOVE the Ugly Pillow, it is awesome !!! I do not even want to look at that Calendar ... I just flipped mine to October yesterday. *Sigh*, guess I was too busy to do it before then. Are you & the girls still doing the 52 Week Money Challenge? not many weeks left on that either to go.

  3. What a CUTE UGLY pillow! I hope to keep my "doings" down to a manageable level this year, too We'll see how THAT turns out- xo Diana

  4. I absolutely love that pillow! Glad you explained the meaning though!

  5. So glad to be a NC Southern girl and to understand that saying without being told! So cute!

  6. LOVE that pillow!! Awesome & so very true! Everyone seems to be in such a rush to get nowhere fast nowadays!!