Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Old South

Shopping anyone? How about the market in downtown Charleston?
Or maybe a carriage ride around town?
Tiny little grocery, oh so cute.
Beautiful old homes that I could never afford to buy
How about a creepy prison tour after dark? Double Yuck
A carriage ride is a great way to see a whole lot in a little time and a whole lot less effort!

Where in the world have you gone too now? One of the jewels of the south..... Charleston, SC. One of my BFF's Daughters is getting married this weekend. SOOO excited. Their family has been a part of our own family for close to 20 years, I feel like one of our own DD's is walking down that isle today. Such a happy day for she and that lucky young man who has the good sense to begin a new life with one of the sweetest girls ever. Oh ya the other super happy thing is we are NOT paying for the wedding! Ha Hugs to you Val, if the pantry gets too bare after the last checks are written you know I'm here for you! Ha

Off for another day of adventures before witnessing the blessings of the evening with so many old friends.


  1. Love such happy events. I know you will have fun, Debby. x

  2. Best wishes to the new couple, what a beautiful place to start their new life together.

  3. Debby I hope you are having a lovely time. When you get back, I have some questions for you again about what about my canner with the rings on the bottom and my smooth top stove.

  4. LOVE Charleston, just didn't love the no see um's on the Isle of Palms!!