Monday, October 7, 2013

Queen of the Pantry Insurance Update

 I have been at the machine since 7:00AM working on Karsyn's BD spa wraps. The assembly line method worked really well until it was time to do the Monogram appliques.
 First one down, nine more to go
 DD#1 dug around in my scraps to come up with the fabric and ribbon. I am sooo glad she did as I wouldn't have gone with this combo.
 Total spent last week on groceries was $13.63. We Queens are limited to dairy, eggs, and fruit purchases each week for the month.
I reloaded my grocery zippy wallet with the $100.00 I have budgeted for groceries each week. Last weeks savings of $86.37 is tucked into a mason jar. Not sure yet what I will do with the savings for the month, so many idea's are spinning in my head.

How is everyone doing with the Pantry Insurance Challenge? I am happy with my results last week. I kept the spending down, worked from the pantry and tried a few new "keeper" recipes (I think it was 3 in all). I was able to pull off desert and bread for a LARGE family in mourning as well as a goodie box sent to hubby with ZERO spending. Also dinner for our large family 3 times last week all from the pantry.

Super short post tonight as I want these spa wraps finish, done, complete before my head hits the pillow tonight, I DO NOT want to wake up another day with them sitting at the sewing machine. It's time to move on to another UFO.

Make sure ans share with the rest of us how your doing, I will draw from the comments first thing in the AM for this weeks blog candy


  1. I am royalty but I had to stock up on $.50 broth and $1. pumpkin this week as well as $26. worth of shampoo for less than $5. A queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do... otherwise eating outa the pantry and garden. Made 5 batches of pesto from garden basil yesterday. Those wraps are so stinkin' cute! Angela