Monday, October 28, 2013

Lets Get this Party Started

 AJ the beagle is not happy that one of her favorite nap spots is covered in plastic
 It took 2 hours to clear out the STUFF in the family room. Sad part is everything will be going back as there is nothing hubby doesn't love.
 I sure hope painting the mantel will look better than it does now, if not we will be buying a new one

 Where did all that STUFF go? The kitchen of course. The kitchen seems to always be the dumping ground for all things home related.
 There will be no cooking or baking until the family room is complete as the cooking area is covered in STUFF. Thank goodness for leftovers!!
 This family room project needs to stay on budget, seeing as how I don't have a shower cap to cover my silver locks and I refuse to spend money on one, I am using underwear that hubby won't wear. My man is married to his whitie tighties, he won't have anything to do with the nice pack of color undies I bought him.
So what do you think? Good look right? BTW, my head is not as big as hubby's rear end!! I am using an over sized hair clip to keep the undies secure to my head.

It's break time!!!! Holy cow am I ever tired :( three walls are complete, 3/4 of the ceiling is done, and the first coat of primer is drying on the mantle. It has gotten to dark too see well enough to paint this evening so I am switching over to cleaning all of the pictures and STUFF from the family room.

Still to go tomorrow. Two coats of paint on the mantle, finish painting last wall, finish painting ceiling, two coats of paint on the back door.  I have high hopes to finish this room tomorrow but I will be watching DD#1's kiddo's in the morning so it will be a late start on the painting party. I stink at painting!! I have as much paint on my body as there is on the walls but what the heck I'm cheap labor right?

AJ the beagle and I will be hitting the sack mighty early tonight. She is ready to get in a comfy place to cuddle, I am ready to get off my feet and give my arms a rest.

Anybody else trying to do some home improvement/updates around the house before the holiday's?  Having no AC this summer has me way behind on so many things, it was just to stinkin hot to do physical labor without AC.


  1. Love the head gearl .. you GO GIRL ! Hahaha ... love it. x

  2. You go girl! Nothing like that going on here but I'll be cheering you on.

  3. Good for you! Looks like you are going to get a lot done before the Holidays. Ummmm...make sure that no one calls you BUTT head! xo Diana