Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lots of Finishes

 Sew, I had a friend ask if I could make a crib quilt from a twin size store bought quilt. Humm, it shouldn't be that hard, sure I would love to. While working on that another friend ask that I do the same for a toddler bed for her grand. Here is a photo of one of the quilts cut to make the toddler bed quilt. Sew much leftover fabric.....
 The hardest thing was to get the small quilts cut from the larger quilt and of course finding the time!! The new baby girls name still needs to be embroidered on but my machine doesn't have a hoop big enough to do the name in a large font. Today I will pass this crib quilt on to a local embroidery shop so it can head on it's way to the sweet Mommy to be.
 I hated to see all that leftover quilted fabric go to waste and I knew I CAN NOT add anything more to my stash, sew I put together two throw pillows 14x14 and 16x16. After digging around in my stash I found polka dot fabric that was a pretty close match to use for the birdies. I sew love using up those leftovers!! The new baby girl will start her life in the spare bedroom that already has the same quilt on it's bed. Maybe adding a few little birdie pillows will girlie the room up some.
 The original quilt had a large yellow border I hated to see go to waste. Our DD's love buntings, hope the new Mommy to be likes them as well. I added the birdies to the first and last triangles on the bunting as well as one in the middle of her first and middle name. This should look cute hanging over her crib.
 Instead of using binding to construct the bunting I thought this sweet trim would do the trick. Karsyn says she "rikes" it Woohoo, more leftovers from the quilt and my stash are being put to good use
 The new baby girl will be joining her two big sisters any day now. Why not use up even more of those leftovers to make "Bitty Baby" quilts for all three girls. I appliqued each of the girls first letter of their name onto the quilts. this should keep things peaceful as they play with their dolls while Mommy plays with her real new doll baby
 Excuse how horrible our grands picnic table looks, it has seen a whole lotta action over the years. The Mommy to be posts lots of photo's of the older DD's playing on their picnic table like ours. Humm, our little girls love to have tea parties, why not make a toddler tea party table runner for them
Ta Da!! I used up the last of this leftover purple fabric (love that) for the binding along with yet more of the border fabric from the quilt for a Toddler Tea Party runner.

It's ALL DONE!!! Well other than the clean up that is. See why I had set up that factory Friday night? I am looking forward to getting my kitchen and breakfast room back in order today. With all of the family activities on Saturday, Sunday and yet again Monday I didn't think I was ever going to get those two quilts cut up and repurposed any time soon. Ahhhh, mission accomplished. I plan on keeping the factory set up for a few more days as I want to get some Halloween kitchen towels made for our big girls, maybe a Toddler Table Runner for our little girls as well, but that won't be nearly as messy as cutting up those quilts!! Ha

I had never thought to cut up a twin quilt/blanket to repurpose for a baby/toddler room. What a great idea. Not sure what the first quilt cost but the second one was $29.99 at Marshalls Home Goods. This would be a great frugal way to pull together a nursery on a budget. The second quilt was for my friends Grammie toddler bed, she ask for a toddler pillow along with a doll cradle quilt and pillow for her grand. I think there is enough fabric leftover for a window treatment when she decides what it is she wants.

Before I got a good start yesterday morning on all these sewing projects I had to head over to DD#1 home to watch her kiddo's. Not a problem, I was home by 9:30 ready to get back on the sewing machines. DD#3 called to ask if I would go with her to pick out Kara's Halloween costume...OK what time? I had an hour of sewing time before I meet both DD's and all the grands. Holy cow. Shopping with that crowd is not very relaxing to say the least!!! Finally after three stores and a lunch out of pizza and slurpies we were done. I drove (crawled) back home determined to get all the nursery/toddler sewing finished. It was another early bedtime for AJ the beagle and I!!!

Whats on the list for today? Getting Hubby's box in the mail before the end of the day. I still need to get the baking completed for his taste of home goodies then make a run to CVS for some sort of Halloween treat to include in the box. CLEAN up all the fuzzy's, thread, and fabric from the downstairs. Set up the next sewing project, get dinner on the stove, maybe use that new pressure cooker for tonight, make bread, and clean out the fridge. Oh and a nap, I sure could use a afternoon nap.

From here on out until after January 1st life always gets crazy busy!! And costly I might add :( I need to work on our finances, money seems to be flying out faster than it's coming in. Anyone else find Halloween to be the kick off of the holiday season?

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