Friday, October 4, 2013

Cookie Crazy

 Kara and I cranked out more cookies than I could count yesterday. I tried a new recipe for "Almond Joy" cookies someone posted on FB recently. The recipe made a TON of cookies, they are pictured in the back rack of this photo. I only made one change in the recipe!! Seeing as how I am in the
 "Queen " of the pantry category I wanted to "Make Do" with what I had on hand. I omitted the almonds then added an extra cup of coconut, they turned out great. The other cookies is a "Three Ingredient Lemon Cookie" This is a Great summer cookie but any time of the year nobody would turn them down.
 Nothing fancy or new on this round of baking, traditional chocolate chip cookies and of course I had to make hubby and the grands favorite M&M cookies.
 I made up a tray of the assorted cookies for tonight's desert for our friend. I keep my eye out for these disposable trays at the dollar store, party store, after Christmas sales. You can wash them by hand to use over and over, but to me they make great trays to send out of the house. No need for the recipient to have to worry about returning dishes, they have enough to deal with.
Two loaves of artisan bread were also delivered along with a stick of BUTTER!! Hey you never know as I learned from DD's house earlier this week!! Ha

A side note on the "Almond Joy" cookies. I checked the price on almonds today while at the grocery store with the little girls. 2 cups of sliced almonds would have cost $10.00. I don't know about you but that is too darn much money to put in a cookie!! If your looking for a good "Christmas Cookie Exchange" recipe this might be just the ticket as it makes 7 or 8 dozen at least. I really did lose count of how many trays I pulled out. it was a LONG day of baking.

I also put together a nice box of cookies and chocolate covered peanuts to mail off for hubby. A taste of home is always appreciated. As much as I fuss at times doing it ALL around the family and our home, hubby has is much harder living on the road, hotels, apartments with few trips home. He gives so much to our family not just in a pay check but also in making sure to call home, the big and little kiddo's as well as facebook time with the grands. He is truly the pick of the litter.

Off to bed as I have our ball of fire bright and early in the morning. We are going to work on a new to us recipe for a football snack, Kara loves helping in the kitchen.


  1. You certainly were the Queen of Baking this day.

  2. Good for you to feed so many with such delicious treats, I know it will help all of them feel better.