Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kill Them with Kindness

 Kara helped me in the kitchen today making cookies, snacks, and lunch for the roofers
 The grands LOVE helping "mix it up" no matter whats in the bowl or pot
The roofers were on the job at 7:15 AM, when they promised to be here at sunrise they were not kidding!! Check out our old roof covering the deck.

When I moved my car this morning to make room for the roofing equipment the thermometer read 25 degrees!!! That is crazy cold for this time of the year in the south!!

I had loaded the garage refrigerator with a case of water for the fellas last night thinking they might enjoy something cold to drink as they worked. By late afternoon they did have a few bottles of water but they were VERY appreciative of the two pots of hot coffee Kara and I took out to them this morning!!!

We delivered chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven for a morning break followed by a pot of chili and corn muffins at lunch. They didn't go hungry in the afternoon, we baked banana bread as well to share.  While the cost didn't go down they were so nice and understanding that I had to let poor AJ the beagle out a few times to take care of her lady business. Kara LOVED giving them the treats "I do it myself", her little face was beaming. Playing in the kitchen with her helped me keep my sanity with all the scraping and banging going on!!

I was so happy with the quality of work and their appreciation for the extra goodies from the kitchen that we signed up for 2 additional small projects with them. There will be more work come at a later date, once I build our savings back up!!!

The cost of feeding 10 men for the day ZERO. Everything came from the pantry, love that. Of course there was money spent building that pantry but buying on sale with coupons during the year the cost was pretty low.

Speaking of the pantry I did a bit of stocking up last night while picking up milk. An unadvertised sale on flour was too good to pass up. Five pounds for $2.00, regular price is $3.49. We were getting lower than I like on white flour, might as well strike while the iron is hot. I hope before the holiday to do even better but just in case I know I now have more than enough for holiday baking. For those of you new to this blog I use 50% white flour 50% fresh ground wheat flour in most of our baking. Many things it's a 25% white 75% wheat ratio.

I keep forgetting to share a great blog that you must check out for pantry inspiration when you have a few hours to yourself. Brenda at "Coffee Tea Books and Me" does Saturday pantry posts each week sure to please all you pantry Princess or Queens. She also has a link for all of her Saturday pantry posts that for some reason is not showing up on the top of her blog this evening but you can view them here. If you scroll to the bottom right side of her blog she also has many more links to past stocking up posts. Better find a quite spot and a cup of tea or coffee, plan on spending some time with Brenda!!


  1. In my books you are just the perfect hospitable southern lady, Debby!! I bet they were so appreciative of yours & Kara's treats & hot coffee!! :)

  2. That was very sweet of you to do and I'm sure they loved all the goodies. I bet it's not everyday that they find a wonderful hostess such as you :)

    Hope you have a great Sunday!

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