Friday, October 25, 2013

I am TOO Old for this!!

 Today is Karsyn's real third Birthday. DD#1 wanted to take the toddlers to one of those fun zone bouncy house places for some special play
 Even having my camera on the sports setting I couldn't get many good shots of the grands, they move too darn fast.
 Mason man had NO FEAR, whatever the girls did he was right behind them. Can we say Heart Attack kid!
 We caught Mason man on the table where I had placed my purse looking for more snacks. That was our warning to get the toddlers some food followed by naps. It couldn't come soon enough for me.
Our supplies for the new roof arrived late this afternoon. I had to make a call at 2:00 since they had missed the 9:00AM delivery time. Wouldn't do much good having the roofers show up in the morning with no supplies on hand.

I am SOOOO dreading the roofer's tomorrow. Kara, AJ the beagle, and I will be stuck in the house the entire day :(I am thinking they should take a lunch break at some point, that will be my small window of opportunity to get the dog and toddler out for a run. I have put DD#3 on notice to take off early if the shop is not busy. I know I will be ready to pull my hair out after just a few hours. What did this pile of supplies cost? $2,800.00, ouch


  1. Debby- What fun-you are never too old, girl! lol I hear you on the roofing-I think that is one of the most miserable housing projects to live through. Luckily, it is usually only a day or two- xo Diana

  2. Poor you ! I am sure Kara & AJ will keep you busy with all that banging on top your roof going on today.