Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Stuff

 A hot afternoon of football. Dear Mother Nature, it's fall. Whats up with this 84 degrees?
 Mason is his big Brothers biggest fan
 Karsyn giving me the LOOK, she is over the whole football stuff
 Today's meal to go for the family was Mexican rice (rice a roni), Mexican beans (Bush beans), Chicken enchiladas (frozen pre cooked chicken) No desert, they still have plenty of cookies
My big job for the day...making Spa wraps for Karsyn's toddler GF's
With all this sewing backing up I gave myself a break on Sunday dinner!! Keep it simple stupid, kinda dinner. One of the many nice things about having a deep pantry and freezer is I can get a meal for a family of our size together with very little effort. After the game today DD just ran by to pick up their meal, no muss, no fuss. As for me, I am going to enjoy a quite evening alone with my dinner!! :)
I am getting sew far behind on sewing project here lately that I have to get back on the ball. I finally unpacked the machine and supplies from our mountain trip this morning. Oh sew much to do. We are expecting heavy rain all day tomorrow. If my plan comes together I will be spending the day at the machine knocking out Karsyn's spa wraps for her upcoming BD. I am going to mess a self imposed deadline for another sewing project but just maybe I can make some progress over the next two days. Dog gone it, I hate not making goals delines but I hate even more wasting time with contractors!!!
If your participating in the "Pantry Insurance Challenge" this month don't forget to pick up the Sunday paper so you can get your hot hands on this weeks coupons. Our paper had $245.00 worth of coupons today. I passed on buying one this week as I shouldn't be doing much grocery spending for the month. Don't have a Sunday paper? Check out some of the great online coupons, most of the time you can print two of each coupon.
Time to get back on the sewing machine, sew much to do!!

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