Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Always Something

 I had me a nice factory set up Friday night to work on a special project for a young Mommy to be. While the embroidery machine worked away I was busy on the regular sewing machine.
 I knew I wouldn't have any of the grands until next week, this was the prefect opportunity to spread out and get a lot off my To Do list
 Fabric and projects had even taken over the stove top.
 Another friend who I had shared what I was working on with ask if I could do the same for her Grand. Sure, bring it on over shouldn't take but a skinny minute for the basics. I will work on the cuteness later.
 Just as I was humming along at a steady pace I ran out of thread on the last letter I needed for one of the projects. GRRR OK, put that aside until I can hit the fabric store in the AM for more thread. Moving on....
The next project was saved on my EXPENSIVE usb stick. All of the downloading, designing, resizing, foldering, saving, and transferring had been done. All that was left was to insert the stick and be on my way to yet more cuteness. It was not to be....:( For some reason beyond my understanding my stick was dead as a door nail. Back to the PC. What the heck I will just use a generic usb stick and be on my way again. NOT!!! Seems the only compatible sticks for the OVERPRICED software that will work has to be Bernina brand. I gave up and went to bed :(

I thought my bad luck had finally run it's course after the CRAZY spring and summer we have had, guess not. After breakfast with some buddies Saturday morning I made the long drive down to my favorite quilt/dealer shop in the rain.

After explaining the problem one of the ladies jumped right on a machine to help me out with the misbehaving usb stick. In her professional opinion the stick is broke, none of them had ever seem that happen. Go figure! Ha

By the time I made it back home and regrouped it was time to head back out for our annual pumpkin patch trip. I never made it back to my sewing factory yesterday but today.......Just as soon as Karsyn's Birthday party is over I hope to finish up what should have been completed Friday night!

I am off the hook for Sunday dinner this week as we were all together yesterday afternoon as well as we girls will have a morning together at the spa with Karsyn and her little buddy's. We do love our family time but there is no need to over do it! Ha


  1. Hello Sweet Debby, your sweet package was in the mailbox Saturday. I like the runner so much- you do really nice work! I've been reading the quilting magazine and I know my mom will want to read it too.
    You are a doll and I thank you bunches!
    yes,the tablerunner will really be a hit with the grands.

    that is a bummer about the snafu in the middle of the project, My mom has a Bernina, not sure what model, but something about the 75th year anniversary. She has tried to get me to sew with it but I have never even touched it- maybe someday.

    that is some serious sewing going on when fabric is on the stove :)

    Thank you Debby!

  2. You are so welcome, glad you and the little ones liked it!!